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Dan Akers | D. Akers Property Solutions Ltd

Megan and Colleen have been a great help with their hard work in finding multiple candidates for our company job opportunities. Always on the ball and keeping candidates engaged is what makes this company successful in matching employers with employees. I look forward to using their services again in the future.

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Madeline Cureton | Owner

“I was very satisfied with the management of our advertising campaign this time. I was somewhat anxious when you handed the responsibility of the file over to someone else but the transition was seamless and I received everything that I might need to proceed with an LMIA if it had been required.”

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With over 200 resumes received per position, and up to ten new positions created per store each Christmas period, LUSH relies on the Scout Talent :Recruit system to pick out the best of the bunch quickly and efficiently. In this video, the LUSH team discusses their recruitment challenges as a fast-growing retail organisation, and how Scout Talent helps them overcome these challenges. “Scout has been a game changer for us”

How Taymor Industries Slashed Its Time to Hire With :Recruit

Here’s what Taymor used:

Taymor made use of Scout Talent’s :Recruit applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM to keep tabs on job applications, evaluate candidates, and quickly spot the best talents. Thanks to this implementation, Taymor managed to achieve an impressive time-to-hire as low as 34 days for certain roles.

By adopting the :Recruit ATS, Taymor simplified its job application process, eliminated time-consuming manual work, and regained full control over its hiring procedures.

What can :Recruit achieve?

Easily post jobs
Create a seamless candidate experience
Communicate with the click of a button
Build your workflow, your way
Screen applications
Connect with more candidates

Empowered by :Recruit, Taymor completely transformed their recruitment methods, stating, ‘The future looks great, especially if you have a tool like :Recruit.’ The addition of the easy-to-use ATS software not only modernized their entire hiring process but also significantly expedited their speed-to-hire.

As the company grew, the mounting manual tasks associated with managing job applications via email became overwhelming. Taymor eagerly embraced a hiring process revolution with Scout Talent’s :Recruit ATS, and experienced streamlined operations and were then able to deliver an improved candidate experience.

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Pam Egan | Controller

“I found the online candidate screening process to be a very effective tool as we were successful in recruiting 2 candidates within a month of posting the positions. The support team was extremely helpful in posting the job and ensuring that the screening questions targeted the right candidate pool”

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Taylor Carlson | Human Resources

Excellent team and process. We were impressed with their platform and ability to share candidate information, including interviews.

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Bruce Fillmore | VP Construction Operations

Our experience working with Scout Talent has been a very positive one. Their staff are very knowledgeable, professional and understand how to work with us to help us find the resources we need. We will definitely continue to work with Scout Talent for any future staffing needs.

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Melissa Olive | Human Resources Consultant

Scout was an excellent aid in our recruitment efforts. The Scout team was knowledgeable, helpful and reachable. We were able to hire great candidates through our advertisement with Scout.

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Mark Ly | VP Product & Technology

Scout is great, their recruiting model is unique and makes a lot of sense. They were able to get an overwhelming number of candidates for us. We will definitely be using them again.

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Adrianna Bakker | Human Resources Business Partner

“We had some of the best candidates come through our campaign with Scout Talent. The level of quality you get with them is truly invaluable. Our candidates were continuously looked after, and when it came to choosing which candidates to bring in to meet, it was so easy to narrow down the best by viewing their video interviews. I highly recommend Scout Talent as they met our needs for our Technical Support roles, without the hefty contingency fees of a traditional recruitment agency. Fraser and Mark are a pleasure to work with and really understand the kind of candidates we were looking for!”

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Sarah Wong | HR & Support Staff Manager

Working with Scout Talent can only be described as an outstanding experience. We have had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside their team and witnessing their thoroughness and commitment to hiring the right individual for our company not only based on work qualifications but company culture and fit. Their turn around time and investment in the product they provide is first-rate and we would recommend them to anyone looking for future hiring.

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Rachael Michaud | Payroll Clerk

Megan provides excellent customer service and is very helpful and knowledgeable. She was very helpful in outlining the job campaign and has provided great support through the campaign process. Scout Talent provides an easy to navigate tracking system that makes the recruitment process easier, faster, and less time consuming.

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Scuka Enterprises | Construction

We had the pleasure of working with Scout Talent on several occasions with successful outcomes. Scout’s service was excellent, and the team was in constant contact throughout the campaigns. After the campaigns were complete, Scout even followed up to see how the new hires were working out. The online portal made it easy to review resumes and rate potential employees. We would definitely use Scout Talent again!

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Gordon Holley | President and CEO

Scout Talent helped us get better candidates than we had previously and they significantly reduced the amount of work we had to do as part of the hiring process. We get better results with less effort. We’ll definitely use Scout Talent again.

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Eric Venne | Principal
C&GC. Consultations is a Quebec micro-Enterprise.
As our recruiting deadlines were short. I was a little skeptical of the result.
Well your team rose to the challenge. With efficiency and humanity.
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Fernando De Melo | Principal Consultant

“Recruiting for a small business is costly and time-consuming. I was reluctant at first to use the service because of the poor experience I had with other recruiters. The team at Scout Talent has been great. In the last 12 months, they helped us gain clarity on our hiring practices, re-design our hiring processes and helped us to keep up with our growth. I’m happy with the value we get from our partnership with Scout Talent”

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Claire Schofield | Manager of Human Resources

“I really enjoyed working with you and the Scout Talent team. I feel you had a good understanding of the position we were trying to fill and targeted the marketing to suit. This is the second time we have used your services, and we added the shortlisting and interviewing this time round, which we found very worthwhile. Colleen did a great job on the interviews, and it was so helpful to see each candidate so we could further shortlist ourselves. We’ll definitely work together again as soon as the need arises.”

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Anthony Boyd | Operations Manager

Thank you Scout Talent for assisting and successfully filling our recruitment needs for a difficult position to fill.  Our Company had been recruiting for this position for many months, with several different recruiting agents and it was Scout Talent’s unique campaign approach that resulting in filling this position.  Thank you Scout Talent and we look forward to working together with future challenging recruiting campaigns.

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Dana Cridland | HR Coordinator

Scout Talent helped us fill a position that had been vacant for quite some time. We were happy with the number of qualified candidates the experts at Scout were able to generate for us. The process is very smooth and their platform is user-friendly.

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Megan Laren | Vice President

MasonLift has recently started working with Scout Talent.  We have found their services to be excellent, their representatives are professional and found quality candidates that met our requirements in a timely fashion.  Their whole process has been personal and proficient.

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Dean Clark | Human Resource Manager

“I was pleased with the communication from you and the rest of the staff it made the process very easy.
I was pleased with how fast the Scout Talent had our job posting up and running so we could start seeing resumes. I liked the log in portal that allowed me to rate candidates and view their information. I liked the idea of being able to pin down candidates based on the criteria we had set forth and the ranking system allowed me to pin down the candidates better. We are extremely happy with the candidate we chose for the role and was able to get him via our relationship with the Scout Talent”

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Jason Schmidt | Momentum Design Build

Our experience with Scout Talent has been great!  The process was clearly outlined, the candidates were all well qualified, and we successfully hired a fantastic project manager.

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Brian Renix | Managing Partner

Megan and her team at Scout Talent were able to assist us in recruiting the qualified professionals that we needed, when we needed them. I highly recommend their services.

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Marie Hunt | Health Director

“My experience with Scout Talent was very good. We received numerous applications for our job listings. The short-listing and pre-interviews were very helpful in terms of relieving me of my workload. I trusted the expertise of the Scout staff to shortlist according to our job description. We are going to offer positions to a couple of the applicants.”

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George Psofimis | Sr Manager Technical Recruiting

Megan and the team jumped right into action once we started the process of engaging them for our Java developer search, we took advantage for the marketing and source talent (shortlist) program . The consultative approach was very much appreciated through the whole process and certainly yielded results and provided Canada wide coverage and marketing for Jonah Group. The shortlisting was accurate and recalibration was swift. I would recommend the approach to others in my field if they are looking for multiple-hire situation.

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Kristen Munro | HR Manager

Scout Talent contacted our HR team about helping with our recruitment needs, and at first, we were a bit skeptical. We were already using a popular job board and monitoring it ourselves with a degree of success. However, we agreed to try Scout’s system, and it has returned incredible results for us! We received a huge volume of quality candidate resumes from multiple job boards, in multiple locations, from our customized job ad (written by a dedicated marketing team!) funneled into one streamlined location. This is something we simply could not have done in-house for the same price, and we definitely didn’t have the time or expertise to do it manually. Highly recommend Megan and her team!

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Denis Labelle | Operations Manager

“I do want to send you my sincerest appreciation for the help you and your team provided in helping us find some new employees for our growing company.  It has really help ease my personal day to day stresses and I know my team is getting through their day to day workloads with a little more ease than previous.

This was a great success from our perspective and our team will definitely reach out in the future.”

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Brock Roadhouse | Manager of Human Resources

“SCOUT Talent has been a fantastic tool to support our high volume recruitment for our project. The team have provided us with an extended team to streamline our recruitment efforts and ensure our overall success. We greatly appreciate the relationship we have and look forward to their continued support in the years to come”

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Lenetta Parry | Executive Director

“Scout Talent was very helpful to our organization in staffing our Revenue Development and Communications team. They were able to attract a great selection of qualified candidates to choose from. They used a variety of innovative platforms to get the job done while saving me time. The process was fast and effective. Their team was helpful, prompt, attentive and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend using this service when filling key positions within a company. I personally do not think I will hire any other way ever again!”

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Randy Delisle | Talent and Development Manager

Kinetic Construction recently hired Scout Talent to fill a specialized role for our branch in Richmond.

The requirements were carefully compiled and recorded by Scout represented in both a customized web page and regularly refreshed advertising in several markets.

The applicant tracking system Scout uses was both well explained and easy to use. The candidate rating scheme based on our pre-qualifying questions was both effective and easily updated.

Most of all detailed reference checks and an explicit behavioural assessment and related probing questions was provided for our short-listed candidates.

If you are searching for someone as rare as a unicorn, call Scout!

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Sandy Heer | HR Manager

Megan and her team were efficient, professional and very effective in helping us with a difficult role. Their services were customizable to fit what we needed and we are very pleased with how easy they made the process. We made a great hire.

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