Leadership Team
On The Road To 21.1km
Andrea Davey
Chief Executive Officer
Keen Yachtie
Tudor Marsden-Huggins
Managing Director
Ambassador of Joy
Susanne Mather
Co-Founder and Executive Director
Call Me Captain
Gregory Hall
Group CFO
Food & Travel Lover
Lyle Truden
Business Leader
Mediocre Skier
Chris Stoddart
Account Executive Team Leader
Soccer Mom
Jenna Calder
Account Executive Team Leader
Indigenous Recruitment Specialist
Carly van Gogh
Account Executive Team Leader
Chess Player
Don Smith
Sales Development Representative Team Lead
Sugar Connoisseur
Jeff Rios
Senior Recruitment Marketing Team Leader
Acoustic Guitarist
Sid Chawla
Talent Engagement Team Leader
World Traveller
Diana Moric
Cocktail Enthusiast
Leighton Westbrook
Client Success Team Leader
Global Talent Strategies
Susana Vega
Talent Acquisition Project Manager
Brewery explorer
Timothy Dowling
Talent Acquisition Team Leader
Weekend Social Butterfly
Janelle Carter
Marketing Team Lead, North America
Sales Team
Video Game Streamer
Scott Newsome
Senior Account Executive
Plant and Fish Enthusiast
Matt Tam
Account Executive
Gamer & Power Lifter
Kimsan Keo
Sales Development Representative
Specialist Team
Avid Foodie
Madeline Sun
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Travel Enthusiast
Colleen O'Leary
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Cat Mom
Deka Ali
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Lover of Travel
Sanakshi Sheoran
Talent Acquisition Specialist
An Aesthete
Ami Surati
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Hiking Enthusiast & Animal Lover
Veronika Husakova
Talent Engagement Specialist
Dance Lover
Lea Frias
Talent Engagement Specialist
& Kpoper, Horror fan, Tattoo enthusiast, and lover of all things cute and spooky
Paloma Guimaraes
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Trip Planning Expert
Julia Xavier
Marketing Specialist
Jessica Moura
Backend Developer
Food Enthusiast
Henri William
Full Stack Developer
Recruitment Geek
Darren Hewitt
Talent Intelligence Data Analyst
Outdoor Enthusiast and Social Nerd
Lobna Mohamed
Sourcing and Talent Attraction
Karaoke Lover
Crystal Li
Recruitment Administrator/Candidate Care Coordinator
F1 & Racing enthusiast
Mauricio Guerrero
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Pumped Up Dancer
Poojitha Pankaj Patel
Sourcing and Talent Attraction
Avid Eater
Mandy Leung
Talent Intelligence Data Strategist