Our History

In a knowledge economy, organizations that recruit the best people are the ones that succeed and outperform their competitors. At Scout Talent, this belief has guided us for more than 20 years in our mission to empower organizations by optimizing their recruitment strategy.

We have served thousands of happy clients delivering innovative services-enabled software to improve how they attract and hire their biggest asset: their people.

Our best-of-breed recruitment technology is powered by people who live and breathe talent acquisition. Scout Talent is a simple, buildable and powerful suite of products that work in harmony together to enhance your recruitment process.

With tailored, easy to use systems and the best support team you’ll ever work with; Scout Talent makes your life easier. If people are your top priority, don’t just choose a system. We are a proven solution and a genuine talent partner that works together with you to meet your recruitment needs.

What makes us different?

We aren’t a technology company who decided to add on recruitment software. We are, and always have been, recruiters, and we are passionate about supporting in-house recruitment teams to help them achieve their organization’s goals.

Our suite of products and services are designed to streamline your end-to-end recruitment so you can bring the right people and key skills into your organization how and when you need to.

Our software is capable of integrating with existing systems providing you with end-to-end workflow.

We provide a range of software and services to tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Why choose Scout Talent?
We specialize in you

Our innovative software and services are designed specifically for internal recruitment teams and hiring managers. Say goodbye to ‘jack of all trades’ ATS or cheap imitations that let you down.

We see the world the way you do

Our team of recruitment specialists and technology experts live and breathe internal recruitment. Work with people who understand you and who speak your language, not just systems and coding.

We support you

We offer personal service and local support that you simply won’t experience elsewhere … and certainly not from remotely-located, cost-per-minute robots.

We make your life easier

Our recruitment software and services are tailored to you and are easy to use. They bring joy to recruitment, not more headaches.

Recruitment software and services for you to attract and hire the best talent.


Software helping you manage your end-to-end recruitment


Recruitment services by specialists for a cost effective, simpler, faster process.

Designed for organizations that see people first.

Why choose Scout Talent over an ATS (in addition to the above reasons!)

You care about the quality of your people

So you care about the quality of your recruitment systems and processes. Scout Talent’s solutions combine best of breed recruitment systems, proven processes and people that you can rely on.

Recruitment (talent acquisition) is a critical strategic function, not an add-on.

Our systems are built specifically to streamline your recruitment process and drive real results. They’re not bolt-ons to HRIS or payroll systems, which so often force you to compromise.

You’re not a recruitment agency, so why buy a system that is built for one?

Scout Talent’s solutions meet the specific needs of in-house recruitment teams and your hiring managers, not external agencies.