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About Scout Talent

Scout Talent offers recruitment services and software to in-house HR and Recruitment teams.

Watch now to discover what we offer and how it can benefit your team. Offerings include:

  • Recruitment software
  • Talent Acquisition services
  • Talent Engagement services
  • Employer Branding services


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Discover with Scout Talent

Tailored recruitment solutions to meet your internal team’s needs.

Accelerate and streamline your recruitment processes to see people first. As Canadian providers of recruitment software that has been built by recruiters, for recruiters, we proudly provide you with two very important types of recruitment services.

Save yourself time and money with our recruitment software

Our innovative Applicant Tracking System is built specifically for internal recruitment teams and hiring managers. It is designed to reduce the stress of recruitment and is supported, 24 hours a day, by expert recruiters who speak your recruitment language, not just systems and coding.

Get the support that you need, at the price you want, with our recruitment services

Not your typical recruitment agency. We offer in-depth recruitment support and customized recruitment packages, to meet your needs, and to ensure you make the hire that is right for you and your budget. Never pay a percentage of salary or placement fee again and hire as many candidates as you like from the candidate pool that we generate for you.

Recruitment Software

Control the process with Scout Talent Software.

Attract Talent with :Recruit and :Recruit Essentials

Easy to use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) built by recruiters, for recruiters.

Manage your Talent Pool with :Engage

Our Talent Pooling and Talent Management solution designed to help you to grow and engage with your talent pool easily.

Ensure your top Talent gets hired with :Onboard

Digital contract and offer creation, approval and acceptance solution that allows you to manage the entire hiring process digitally.

Grow your new hires knowledge with :Learning

Scout Talent’s Learning Management System (LMS) that ensures your team is trained, compliant and constantly developing.

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Recruitment Services

Discovering the best talent for your role

Our Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Attraction experts deliver high quality, transparent recruitment advertising and headhunting campaigns. We bring over a decade of Canadian recruitment data and experience and the team to deliver.

Ensuring you choose the right people

Let our experts help you identify your ideal candidates through best-practice screening methods, revolutionary two-way video interviews direct to your inbox, behavioural and skills testing, and pre-employment checks.

Innovative Recruitment Software throughout the process

End to end, streamlined candidate and campaign management software for ultimate efficiency, transparency and effectiveness from application to hire.

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Why our clients trust us
Pacific Safety Consulting

“Recruiting for a small business is costly and time-consuming. The team at Scout has been great. In the last 12 months, they helped us gain clarity on our hiring practices, re-design and streamline our hiring process, and helped us keep up with our growth”

Fernando De Melo, Founder and CEO.

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Humanity Financial

“Scout Talent helped us get better candidates than we had previously and they significantly reduced the amount of work we had to do as part of the hiring process. We get better results with less effort. We’ll definitely use Scout Talent again.”

Gordon Holley, President and CEO

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Haakon Industries

“Working with Scout Talent can only be described as an outstanding experience. We have had the pleasure and privilege of working alongside their team and witnessing their thoroughness and commitment to hiring the right individual for our company not only based on work qualifications but on company culture and fit. Their turn around time and investment in the product they provide is first-rate and we would recommend them to anyone looking for future hiring.”

Sarah Wong, HR & Support Staff Manager

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