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Since purchasing their first dealership way back in 1962, The Humberview Group has grown to be one of the largest automotive dealer groups in Canada.

Today, they proudly offer 20 Stores – 17 Brands – 5000 Vehicles – 1 Promise: ‘Serving you better, each and every day’. They put people first so naturally, they were the perfect fit to work with Scout Talent

Watch our video to see how Scout Talent helped to transform Humberview’s manual and overwhelming recruitment process into a streamlined and effective way for them to make their top hires, fast.

How The Humberview Group Improved Candidate Experience With :Recruit

Here’s what The Humberview Group used:

The Humberview Group uses Scout Talent’s :Recruit applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM to organize and streamline their recruitment process to better their candidate experience and ultimately make the right hire faster. 

By adopting the :Recruit ATS, The Humberview Group simplified its job application process, eliminated time-consuming manual work, and attracted a pool of top talents. 

What can :Recruit achieve?

Easily post jobs
Create a seamless candidate experience
Communicate with the click of a button
Build your workflow, your way
Screen applications
Connect with more candidates

Empowered by :Recruit, The Humberview Group completely transformed their recruitment methods, stating, ‘I love how easy Scout Talent is to use, it’s very user friendly as a hiring manager and also for candidates who apply online.’ The addition of the easy-to-use ATS software modernized their entire hiring process.

As the company grew, the mounting manual tasks associated with managing job applications via email and spreadsheets became overwhelming. The Humberview Group eagerly embraced a recruitment process revolution with Scout Talent’s :Recruit ATS, and experienced streamlined operations and were then able to deliver an improved candidate experience.

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