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With over 200 resumes received per position, and up to ten new positions created per store each Christmas period, LUSH relies on the Scout Talent :Recruit system to pick out the best of the bunch quickly and efficiently. In this video, the LUSH team discusses their recruitment challenges as a fast-growing retail organisation, and how Scout Talent helps them overcome these challenges. “Scout has been a game changer for us”

How Taymor Industries Slashed Its Time to Hire With :Recruit

Here’s what Taymor used:

Taymor made use of Scout Talent’s :Recruit applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM to keep tabs on job applications, evaluate candidates, and quickly spot the best talents. Thanks to this implementation, Taymor managed to achieve an impressive time-to-hire as low as 34 days for certain roles.

By adopting the :Recruit ATS, Taymor simplified its job application process, eliminated time-consuming manual work, and regained full control over its hiring procedures.

What can :Recruit achieve?

Easily post jobs
Create a seamless candidate experience
Communicate with the click of a button
Build your workflow, your way
Screen applications
Connect with more candidates

Empowered by :Recruit, Taymor completely transformed their recruitment methods, stating, ‘The future looks great, especially if you have a tool like :Recruit.’ The addition of the easy-to-use ATS software not only modernized their entire hiring process but also significantly expedited their speed-to-hire.

As the company grew, the mounting manual tasks associated with managing job applications via email became overwhelming. Taymor eagerly embraced a hiring process revolution with Scout Talent’s :Recruit ATS, and experienced streamlined operations and were then able to deliver an improved candidate experience.

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