The formula of ‘cool’: tools & techniques to maximise candidate attraction
Posted 19 September, 2019
Presented by:
Alex Hood, Head of Account Management
Natasha Scott, Account Manager and Product Specialist
Do you know what it takes to make your job advert appealing to your demographic?
In today’s candidate-driven market, there is increasing pressure for recruiters to sell their vacancy and organisation in a way that attracts as many candidates as possible. It is becoming more and more difficult to compete against other organisations for the top talent and we need to find ways of increasing candidate’s motivation to choose your organisation.
This brings us to the idea of ‘cool’. When consumers perceive something to be cool, they buy into it. Similarly, if your job advert appeals to your target demographic (or is seen to be cool), they are more likely to apply for your role and in turn, fit your organisations culture and ethos.
Join Alex and Natasha as they discuss the formula, tools and techniques involved in making your job advert ‘cool’ and more appealing to your target demographic.
They share:

  • What makes an object, brand or person ‘cool’
  • Understanding your demographic and what is ‘cool’ to them
  • How to convert prospective candidates into completed applications
  • Simple strategies you can take away and use in your recruitment process.

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