How to use an ATS to improve your recruitment results during times of high unemployment
Posted 27 August, 2020

In this webinar, Scout Talent’s Head of Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Attraction, Shane Keane, our Recruitment Software Product Specialist, Jane Begley, and our Head of Shortlisting and Selection, Utah Cowx, share how to successfully save time and money and hire the right candidates, even during these times of high unemployment.

This webinar will strive to give you the road map of how to successfully use your ATS to help manage the increase in applications that you are receiving in order to save you time and money, while still making the right hire for your organization.


– What to look for when deciding on what ATS is right for your organization
– How an ATS can help you to attract the right candidates
– Using an ATS to shortlist and find your ideal candidate
– How to onboard your hires using an ATS to ensure you don’t lose candidates
– Bonus tips on how to improve your recruitment during times of high unemployment

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