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Maximise candidate attraction with a tailored marketing campaign

Attracting and recruiting great candidates can be challenging and time consuming. That’s where Recruitment Advertising Specialists can target the best talent for your role and organisation through strategic advertising campaigns, succinct and targeted copy, and ongoing campaign optimisation.

A flat-fee recruitment model ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for upfront with no hidden costs or placement fees.

Unlike an experience with traditional recruitment agencies, you retain full control over the recruitment process. After your vacancy is filled, you’ll also retain your talent pool to engage candidates for future opportunities.

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You can’t fill a role without great candidates

When trying to attract candidates for your roles, you can’t just rely on one job board or your internal referral process. Your candidate attraction strategy needs to be broad, comprehensive and run by experts.




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Step 1

Who is your ideal candidate?

Before we begin to work with you to find your ideal candidate, we first need to fully understand what that ideal candidate looks like for you via an in-depth Job Analysis call.

During this Job Analysis call, we will dig much deeper than just discussing responsibilities and qualifications, as we delve into what truly makes your organization different and establish how we can make you stand out as an employer of choice. This call is usually with your hiring manager for the available role and includes exploring what your employee values and internal culture look like as well as how competitive your salary and benefits are in the marketplace.

We attribute a lot of the success in our recruitment campaigns to this Job Analysis Call. It is essential that we have a deep knowledge of the type of candidate that you are looking for in order to tailor the rest of the campaign to find this candidate for you.

Step 2

Building your Branded Recruitment Web Page

Our internal copywriting and Recruitment Marketing Specialists will take the information you provided us on the Job Analysis Call and use it to craft you a customized recruitment web page that is tailored specifically to your organization, your brand and the role in question.

We’ll use unique phrasing and expert copywriting to ensure that we position you as an employer of choice to your ideal candidates by allowing you to stand out from your competitors that may be trying to attract the same candidates as you. 

We’ll also develop screening questions, that will be linked to the customized recruitment web page, in order to help you to screen the candidates that apply. These questions will establish your potential new hire’s qualifications and written communication skills which will save you time when trying to establish who you should progress to the next stage of your recruitment process.

Step 3

Expert advertising strategies to attract top talent

Over the past 15 years, Scout Talent has been recording what job boards each and every one of our candidates have applied from. This wealth of data allows us to design an extremely effective and personalized advertising strategy that is designed to ensure that the recruitment web page that we have created for you is seen by as many qualified candidates as possible.

Our Recruitment Marketing team then deploys this advertising strategy across 5 to 7 working days allowing you time to review the candidates you’re receiving and allowing us to tweak the strategy if we are not attracting the exact quality of candidates that you were expecting.

Save money by using Scout Talent. Due to the frequency at which we advertise on job boards, we receive many discounts and are able to pass those savings on to you in the form of cheaper advertising rates than you would receive directly from the job board.

Save time by using Scout Talent. Posting on multiple job boards and managing their success is a time-consuming endeavor. Our Recruitment Marketing team works within these job boards multiple times every day to ensure that your role is getting the exposure it needs in order to find you your ideal candidate.

 Step 4

Even the best advertising strategies are not always enough

Sometimes your very best candidates are not actively looking on job boards and even the best advertising strategies won’t be able to get their attention. For this very reason, Scout Talent has a team of digital headhunting exerts that utilize their research and copywriting skills to use LinkedIn Recruiter and Indeed Resume Search to find you the very best passive candidates.

Digital Headhunting works by reaching out to what are known as ‘passive candidates’ and according to LinkedIn over 70% of the candidate marketplace is made up of passive candidates, Our Recruitment Marketing team takes the information you’ve given us and uses it to identify and reach out to all of the qualified candidates they can find, with a message about your role and organization that focuses on what they think will appeal most to the candidate about your role and organization based on their profile. 

We also further target the passive candidate market through our in-house E-Shot. This is where our Recruitment Marketing team sends a targeted email to candidates from our in-house database, that match your criteria, to inform them about your organization and to inform them that you have a role available. Our internal database is made up of candidates we attracted in a campaign that were not hired for a role by a client of ours. As our campaigns typically attract a large candidate pool for only a few vacancies, this leaves us with many quality applicants still in our database.

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I cannot say enough good things about your service, it was exactly what I needed and you guys delivered flawlessly. It was worth every penny in my mind! I would not hesitate to recommend you guys given the opportunity.

Ketza Pacific

I found working with you very easy and was impressed right away with the amount of candidates coming in. You were very attentive and I felt this whole process was pretty seamless. We will definitely work together again in the future I’m sure!

The Phoenix Society

Our first use of the recruitment services was a good experience. Not only did they post our position in places we had never used in the past they were able to headhunt people that we interviewed as our top candidates. We will definitely use Employment Office again.

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