Set up Auto Status to save time shortlisting
2 minutes | Posted 01 March, 2022

Filter your applications without even lifting a finger. Save time and resources for your internal recruitment team member(s) with an easy-to-setup automation that screens applications according to key criteria you select.
The key is to set up your screening questions as Radio Button type questions. This type of questions allows candidates to select only one answer per question from a number of predetermined options. Think: multiple choice!
Then, with the Auto Status (question based) automation in :Recruit Essentials, you can assign a status to each response to the question. The automation assigns candidates statuses such as “Ineligible” based on core criteria that you select. This helps your team save time on shortlisting by providing a list of pre-screened candidates.

How to set up Auto Status (question based)

:Recruit Essentials allows you to set up screening questions and use the Auto Status (question based) automation to screen applications based on how they answer those questions. With this automation, hiring managers don’t have to spend time perusing applications that don’t meet core criteria, for example, legitimacy to live and work in Australia, or attainment of certain qualifications.


Login to :Recruit Essentials. In the left-hand navigation panel, select “Jobs” then click through to the job you want to configure. Navigate from “General” to “Auto Status (question based)” in the grey navigation bar below the job number (blue navigation bar). From there, select “add filter”, create your screening question, and assign it a status based on the answer each candidate provides. Don’t forget to click “Update” before clicking away!
In the example below, a filter has been added, asking candidates, “Do you have the legal right to live and work in Australia?”. The Auto Status has been configured such that candidates who select “No” will have their application status set to “Ineligible”. This tool is incredibly useful to save time and resources filtering applications from the outset.
How to set up auto status in :recruit essentials