3 :Essentials Features Clients Love (and you might too!)
5 minutes | Posted 21 February, 2024

Finding the perfect candidate for your team is crucial for the success of any organization. However, the traditional hiring process can be time-consuming and inefficient, especially if you don’t have the right tools and technology to support your efforts. Lengthy wait times and inconsistent communication can frustrate both employers and candidates alike. That’s where :Essentials comes into play, helping you restructure how you manage your hiring process.

:Essentials is an easy-to-use recruitment software designed to centralize job listings and candidate details. Its intuitive interface simplifies tasks such as posting job ads and screening applicants, facilitating a seamless user experience. For a quick recap on :Essentials, click below for a video overview.

Behind this software lies our dedicated Client Success team. Passionate about assisting and collaborating with clients, they play a pivotal role in refining our products based on your feedback. Their enthusiasm for engaging with you ensures our solutions effectively address your recruitment challenges, simplifying the hiring journey. We recently caught up with this vibrant team to discuss their insights and tips for maximizing your experience with :Essentials based on their interactions with clients. Read on to explore the top 3 :Essentials features our clients consistently love, and learn how they are helping them optimize their recruitment efforts.

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Top 3 :Essentials Features by Our Clients

1. Feature: Effortlessly create and post job ads

Benefit: Save time by easily automating repetitive tasks

Remember how long it took you to create and post job ads the last time you were hiring? A challenge many of our clients faced before using :Essentials was spending lots of time doing the repetitive task of crafting each and every job ad from scratch, adjusting formatting, and ensuring that the content is tailored to attract the right candidates. A fundamental process, with many necessary steps, but one that has great potential for automation. This process can be especially time-consuming when posting across multiple job boards or platforms, as each may have different requirements or preferences for job ad formatting. With :Essentials, you can say goodbye to inefficiency and wasting time on manual tasks. Our software allows you to effortlessly create and post job ads in a matter of minutes by duplicating an existing job vacancy in your account making it easier to input and edit all the necessary details about the position, including job titles, responsibilities, qualifications, and more. Once you’re done editing your job ad, you can share the link on multiple job boards so every candidate will get redirected to the same talent landing page keeping all applications in one place.

The intuitive design of the platform ensures that even users with minimal technical expertise can navigate through the process seamlessly. You can preview your job ad before posting, ensuring that it looks polished and professional. :Essentials helps to minimize the hassle of manual posting and introduces an efficient experience that saves you time and energy. To learn more about this feature, Read the following step-by-step on how to create a job ad in :Essentials.

2. Feature: Save time shortlisting by eliminating unqualified candidates from the start

Benefit: Get immediate insight into your talent pool as soon as they apply

Every position is unique, and your screening process should be as well. :Essentials’ empowers you to tailor your screening process by adding custom questions to your talent landing page. By adding screening questions to your talent landing page, you’re not only speeding up your screening and shortlisting process but eliminating all the unqualified candidates who are applying for your vacancy. Some good examples of screening questions are pictured below:

Screening questions in Essentials

This time-saving feature is a game-changer in sifting through applicants, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates make it through the initial stages. Whether it’s aligning with job requirements or assessing cultural fit, the ability to use :Essentials to craft custom questions offers invaluable insights into applicants’ skills, experiences, and personalities. Armed with this information, you’re now equipped to make more informed hiring decisions and secure top talent for your organization. Learn how to create and add custom questions to your job ads.

3. Feature: Keep candidates engaged during the hiring process using bulk communication

Benefit: Don’t let great candidates slip away

An issue many recruiters and hiring managers face is having an overwhelming number of applicants and not enough time to screen and shortlist each one. That can lead to missing opportunities to identify great candidates due to the manual process of receiving applications via email and not going through them all or not communicating with candidates in the hiring process in a timely manner. Research shows that 81% of candidates say that communicating status updates to them continuously would greatly improve their candidate experiences, and 52% of candidates say they don’t receive any communication in the two to three months after applying. The numbers are alarming and you could be losing top talent due to the lack of communication.

The good news is that with :Essentials, you can send bulk communications to multiple candidates at once to inform them you’re still in the shortlisting process and they should expect to hear from you soon. A simple email acknowledging the fact that a decision has not yet been made and that they’re still considered a qualified candidate can go a long way to helping you retain and keep the interest of top candidates. The same goes for unqualified candidates, if you’ve made up your mind and have candidates just sitting in your talent pool, let them know they did not make it to the next round and that you’ll keep them in mind for future vacancies. That shows respect for their time and allows them to keep looking elsewhere. It also shows how strong your employer branding is and how you care about people that want to join your team.

Using :Essentials isn’t just about adopting a new HR tool; it’s about embracing a new approach to recruitment that can impact your organization’s success. In today’s competitive landscape, finding the perfect candidate efficiently is crucial. :Essentials offers a strategic advantage by streamlining your hiring process, saving you valuable time and resources. With features designed to simplify tasks like creating job ads, tailoring screening processes, and enhancing candidate communication, :Essentials empowers you to make smarter, more informed hiring decisions. By leveraging these capabilities, you not only optimize your recruitment efforts but also ensure that you’re able to attract and retain top talent effectively.

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