The Talent Scout Episode 41: The Talent Scout End of Year Wrap Up
4 minutes | Posted 22 December, 2020

When it was time to decide how to finish out our podcast series for this year. I suggested that I should have a couple of drinks and then gently review or viciously tear apart some of the job descriptions that I witnessed on Indeed. However, my producer deemed this as “not professional” and “potentially leaving us open for liable” so instead this year we’re going to have a look back on some of our most listened to episodes of 2020 and the topics that really appealed to you, our listeners.

“When should you outsource your recruitment process”

Our 5th most listened to episode of the podcast this year was “When should you outsource your recruitment process”. As I recall this episode came to fruition as the pandemic really picked up speed in the western world. A lot of organizations had made some tough decisions and downsized their recruitment teams only to find that despite everything they still had a recruitment need to fill.

There were other organizations that lived in the digital or delivery spaces and were booming despite the pandemic. Both of these groups lacked the recourses and time needed to successfully recruit meaning that they were now in a position where the only real and viable solution was to outsource all or a part of their recruitment process.

As that episode proceeded I remember that we talked a little bit about the pros and cons of partnering with a recruitment organization, like us here at Scout Talent, and reviewed the ways that you as an organization need to assess the outsourced organization that you choose to partner with. The main thing was questions, you of course will ask certain questions of your outsourced recruitment partner, but the way to know that they are the organization for you is based on the questions they ask you. Are they trying to get to know you as an organization, or are they just haggling on price and assessing the bare requirements of the role.

As relevant as it was at the time of airing it still is now, if you’re going to hand over your recruitment and the future of your organization to someone, make sure it is the right partner that you end up with.

“The Talent Scout’s Guide to Recruitment in 2020”

Our 4th most listened to episode of the podcast this year was “The Talent Scout’s Guide to Recruitment in 2020”.

Now, I’m sure you know that I hoped to avoid this podcast like the plague.  But looking back I can see that one of the first things I mentioned was how Canada had almost completely recovered from the 2008 economic crash and the overall low unemployment rate. So yeah, I jinxed us. My bad.

However, if we can all get past this, some of the other points were still pretty relevant. The hard roles to fill like those within the healthcare industry only got harder to fill while Employer Branding, Talent Pooling, and Reducing Employee Turnover were indeed trends. They didn’t necessarily appear in the form that I expected them to but they were certainly paramount in combatting employee burnout as this year dragged on.

“What does good headhunting look like”

Our 3rd most listened to episode this year was “What does good headhunting look like” which is thankfully not something that has been dated by this year.

As always good headhunting takes time and patience. It requires you to be flexible in what you’re offering to candidates and to be flexible in your overall recruitment process. If you get someone good who is interested, don’t try and force them into your ATS just get them on the phone as quickly as you can.

If you’re struggling to find candidates in the online database that you’re looking for then broaden your search first by geography and then by qualifications.

Finally, when reaching out to candidates, don’t have a message that looks like spam. Refer to their profile; court them a little bit.

“What is an applicant tracking system and why does it matter?”

Coming in at number 2 is “What is an applicant tracking system and why does it matter?”. I feel like I’ve laboured this point a lot in both webinars and podcasts but an applicant tracking system is key to good recruitment.

As a tool it is a piece of software that lets you store your candidates in one place that is not an email inbox and progress them through your process while keeping them engaged with your process. Get a good ATS that works for you and everything starts to fall into place.

“Recruiting during a crisis”

Our number 1 most listened to episode this year was “Recruiting during a crisis” which is not overly surprising. I gave some tips and tricks on recruiting at a distance and moving your overall interview process online with free tools like zoom, skype, and google hangouts.

However, if I recall correctly, I think most of what I offered within that episode was hope and morale, something I’d like to do again now. Whether you’ve been employed or lost your job, whether you’ve been actively recruiting or implementing a hiring freeze, whoever you are whatever you have done it is ok to admit that this year has been exhausting both professionally and personally. But, we are on the home stretch now. We just need to hold on a little bit longer until vaccines start rolling out and the world gets to return to something akin to normality. Each and every one of you is a champion for enduring this long and though it is hard, and I fully appreciate that we only have a little bit further to go.

With that, I say Happy Holidays to you and those important to you. I want to thank you so much for spending the year with me, Shane Keane, on the Talent Scout Podcast. I’ll talk to you again in the new year and I am so ready for the wonderful year ahead that we are going to have.

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