Enhanced functionalities in :Recruit talent acquisition software
2 minutes | Posted 20 July, 2021

If you aren’t growing, you aren’t improving, and we’re on a roll with feature enhancements this month on our :Recruit platform! This latest update will reduce your workload and ensure that your recruitment processes are as seamless as possible.

What’s new in this product update?

Eliminate double handling

Double handling is an ongoing problem in many organizations’ recruitment processes. We have kicked off a six-stage program to refine the essential activities of job creation, candidate management, interview scheduling, and onboarding in order to improve workflows and user experience. This first stage links the requisition and job creation processes, which used to be independent of one another.

Populate information as you go

Getting the right information into your requisition forms is essential but takes time. Once approved, we know you want to get your job ready and advertised with minimal effort while keeping the approved role details consistent. Now, as soon as a requisition is approved, you can generate a job and populate approval info using the brief, guided steps. This means that when the time comes to sign the contract, all relevant job information has been collected. The benefit is less user input and a more seamless recruiting process.

Same-screen activation in :Recruit

You’ve got a lot to do – we get that! Clicking through a series of tabs to make sure you’ve remembered every integral piece of job creation uses up precious time. Our same-screen activation function is the first of many new ‘one-page’ workflows which make job creation more instinctive and reduce the time it takes to publish your role.

Improved :Recruit reporting functionality

A ‘behind the scenes’ change of :Recruit’s extended system fields augments requisition forms to improve your reporting processes. These refined and mapped form fields guarantee your data is populated and consistent, ready to feed through into your reports and dashboards.

See the graphic below for a succinct roundup of these product updates.

What’s in store for the future?

These changes are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more updates on the way for our candidate management system. We believe in a culture of constant improvement informed by you, our wonderful clients, with a future pipeline of reporting functions to support you in optimizing your talent acquisition processes.

If you have any questions about these :Recruit updates, please contact your Scout Talent Account Manager at hello@scouttalent.ca or call 844 474 3140.