3 ways to automation and technology to streamline your recruitment processes
2 minutes | Posted 05 September, 2019

Technology has facilitated our evolution and advancement in so many ways. It has improved the way we live and work for the better, from payroll to remote working arrangements. As a result, productivity and revenue have increased in several industries, with more sectors adopting technology to improve their processes. In terms of recruitment, utilising software and automation will help you increase the quality of your applications and improve your end-to-end recruitment process.

Here are three ways automation and recruitment software can streamline your processes.

Establish Top Candidates

Save yourself the time from sifting through applications through software. Service-enabled recruitment software enables you to rank applications and accurately determine the best candidates in your talent pool. Candidate Management Systems also allow you to securely file details from applicants who may not have been suitable for your current role, but may make great applicants for different or future roles. 

Manually screening resumes creates one of the biggest recruitment bottlenecks, but thanks to technology, you can automatically exclude ineligible applicants (whose applications you can still view) . Screening candidates quickly using technology saves you time and improves the quality of your hires.

Simplifies Onboarding 

Are your new hires ready for their first day at work? In most cases, the answer is no. There are still forms to complete, uniforms to be ordered, contracts to be returned, all of which prevents your new team member from hitting the ground running. A poor onboarding experience can seriously affect your staff retention rates and ultimately cost you more money from attrition. 

Use onboarding technology to send job offers and give your candidates the ability to digitally accept and sign their contracts. This saves time and paper, and launches your onboarding process. When you receive your candidate’s digitally signed contract, you can submit the information to your payroll teams, set them up on your learning management system (LMS) and even your internal talent pipeline or project management system.

Strengthen Your Employer Brand

A great employer brand will improve your candidates’ perceptions of your organisation above your talent competitors and reduce your recruitment costs over the long-term. 

Recruitment technology enables you to deliver great candidate care for all of your candidates, not just the one who was offered a role. Establishing strong communication processes to facilitate candidate care will bolster your employer brand. It may even mean the difference between great applicants applying again in the future. 

The Benefits of using Automation and Recruitment Technology

Overall, using recruitment technology and automation will deliver the following benefits: 

  1. Time Savings – eliminate bottlenecks from tedious tasks, such as resume screening, work collaboratively and free your hiring managers and HR team up for other important tasks
  2. Better Quality Applications – thanks to simplified resume screening, talent pooling, recruitment marketing and recruitment advertisements alerts, you will improve the quality of candidate who applies for your vacancy. You will also attract candidates who value your organisation’s ethos and values
  3. Improve Retention – After you’ve made a great hire, streamlined onboarding processes deliver a great impression of your organisation from the get-go, which increases retention rates 
  4. Improved Productivity – the faster you can hire a high-quality team member who fits your organisation’s ethos and can hit the ground running, the more productive your organisation is going to be
  5. Cost Savings – streamlined onboarding processes will ultimately save you money and valuable resources which can be put towards other important HR tasks and key business areas.

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