3 ways Scout Talent will help you achieve your talent goals in 2021
3 minutes | Posted 27 January, 2021

In 2020, we managed to make many important updates and also loved receiving valuable feedback from you, our users. Our vision is to continue to develop our software products to make your recruitment and talent engagement strategies even better.

This year, we’re continuing to release updates to our user-interface and make important back-end development upgrades to create a better, more efficient experience for you. But instead of talking about new features and specific release dates in this article, we wanted to share our broader product goals in terms of what this will help you achieve in 2021 and beyond.

Services-enabled Software

More recruitment professionals are gaining a better understanding of what services-enabled software is. To clarify, some providers sell software only, while others use services to underpin their software, to ensure users and clients get the best results.

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In 2021, we’d love for all our clients to feel familiar and comfortable with tapping into recruitment services when you need support. For example, if your team is stretched after receiving an influx of candidate applications, you may like to get Shortlisting and Selection support. If you’re not receiving as many applications as you’d like to your job ad, you can tap into Recruitment Marketing specialist support.

All our users will continue to have a dedicated Account Manager, technical support and ongoing Strategic Partnership Reviews, which comprise another important aspect of our Services-enabled Software offering.

This means you’ll be able to build a bespoke, scalable recruitment solution, blending software and services, when needed.

Scout Talent’s unique ability to deliver these services to you in-house and provide a tailored, consultative recruitment approach (through software and services) will be a strong focus for 2021.

Open Platform

In the same way you can add Apps to your smartphone, Open Platform software allows you to choose a baseline tech product, and integrate other products with it to make your life easier.

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You may recall from our November product update article, we introduced you to our new Partnerships Executive, Jake Sullivan. With Jake joining the team, we’re prioritizing our commitment to securing partnerships and integrations that will give you the choice and flexibility you need to build your ideal recruitment technology stack.

We want these integrations to be transparent and easy for you to implement with the help of our team. As our library of partnerships grow, so will your choices in terms of the technology you choose to use in your recruitment processes

Another step in the journey towards Scout Talent having a truly open platform offering is to create an open API (Application Programming Interface) that can connect to all areas of our software; we’ll be attacking this in manageable pieces.

Weaving the common thread

Hopefully that gives you a better understanding of how Services-enabled Software and open platform solutions can help you design a recruitment process that’s right for your organization.

Our Applicant Tracking System, :Recruit is truly a feature-rich offering with additional recruitment and talent software, services and integrations – but because there are so many ways to make it work for you and your organization, it can be tough to navigate!

We’ll be framing your options to connect features in a clearer way. The first step in doing this will be through our new User Interface. We’re taking data about how you interact with the product and using this to inform features, such as button placement and access.

In addition to this, we want you to see the items that are important to you. For example, by allowing you to view the metrics you want to prioritize.

More than that though, we eventually want to enable you to create complex recruitment workflows, using our software as a vehicle in line with your processes. You’ll be able to customize the journey and direct your users in the steps you’d like them to take.

Wishing you a great start to your New Year.

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