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Healthcare Recruitment Specialists

Stay on top of the demands of the booming healthcare industry with qualified healthcare candidates.

The healthcare industry has turnover rates of almost 18%, so having a talent acquisition partner can help you with strategies and solutions to attract and recruit top healthcare talent.

Keep up with this growth by securing healthcare candidates with the right qualifications and fit for your organization.

Scout Talent’s healthcare recruitment specialists are deeply connected to and understand the needs of your industry. Whether your organization is experiencing growth or needs to fill critical skills gaps, we can help you attract and recruit high-quality healthcare professionals.

Having the right team members is essential to your organization’s ability to deliver the very best patient care. You need people with passion, emotional commitment, experience, empathy, and specialist skill sets. You need to target and convert people with unique behavioral attributes and skills to succeed in the sector.

Our healthcare recruitment specialists understand these challenges and work with you to tailor a recruitment solution to your needs. We target the right behavioral attributes and skills to help you secure the best talent.

Our Recruitment Campaign Process

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Job analysis call

The best 30-min investment you’ll ever make. This call allows our Specialists to deeply understand your organization, position, benefits and ideal candidate.

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Talent landing page

We create a dedicated landing page for your vacancy. Our specialists use your organization’s branding and engaging messaging that makes your opportunity shine.

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Tailored advertising

Our specialists target the best talent through strategic advertising campaigns, targeted copy, and ongoing campaign optimization. We maximize the visibility of your vacancy by using both active and passive channels.

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Screening questions

Tailored screening questions help to find your ideal candidate faster. By asking the right questions, the workload to shortlist your talent pool is reduced. 

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Easy-to-use recruitment software

Gain access to the lite version of our ATS, :Recruit Essentials. With all candidate information stored in one secure location, it is easy for your team to collaborate on the hiring process.

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Access your talent pool

You’ll be able to access your entire talent pool, allowing you to make multiple hires at once, or keep top candidates engaged for future opportunities with your organization.

Why use our healthcare recruitment services?

Healthcare experience

Healthcare organizations, from small agencies and clinics, to hospitals, across Canada and United States trust us with their recruitment needs.

Attract the best talent

Our Recruitment Marketing Specialists take the time to write attractive, engaging recruitment advertisements with your branding to make your opportunity shine.

Recruitment expertise

Our Specialists offer expertise in recruitment marketing and advertising, candidate shortlisting and selection, and employer branding.

Customized candidate shortlisting

Get support with video interviewing, behavioral testing, background and reference checks, skills testing and more.

Tailored solutions

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Whether you want to keep some recruitment processes in-house, attract more healthcare workers, or conduct additional checks, we can tailor a solution that’s right for you.

Candidate care

From extending an offer to your ideal candidate, to providing all your candidates with feedback, we take steps to ensure all your candidates have the best recruitment experience with your healthcare organization.

Healthcare roles we specialize in

Recruitment campaigns include a 12-month subscription to the lite version of our ATS, :Recruit Essentials

Scout Talent’s recruitment campaigns are supported by their comprehensive talent acquisition platform that features a range of software modules and solutions. Scout Talent’s premier :Recruit module is an applicant tracking system and Recruitment CRM that allows organizations to manage their entire talent acquisition process with one powerful tool. As part of a recruitment campaign with Scout Talent, you’ll gain access to the lite version of this platform, :Recruit Essentials for 12 months.

Scout Talent’s suite also features software to support organizations with onboarding, talent pooling, learning management, and payroll:

Attract and secure the best talent with Scout Talent :Recruit, a top-rated Candidate Management System built by recruiters for in-house recruitment teams and hiring managers

:Essentials is the lite version of our premier :Recruit module that has been tailored for small-to-medium-size organizations.

:Engage is a recruitment marketing and talent pipelining engine that allows you to keep candidates engaged. Build and nurture talent pools, strengthen your employer brand, and recruit passive candidates with the :Engage module.

:Onboard is a digital contract creation solution that makes onboarding new employees quick and effortless. Streamline the onboarding process with automated email templates that populate with candidate data, and the ability to export data for your payroll system.

Scout Learning is a learning management system with specialist support that allows you to deliver, track and report on the learning and development of your team. Populate the platform with your own internal training resources, or create learning materials tailored to your organization.

The Scout Talent platform is supported by a team of talent acquisition specialists who partner with your internal recruitment team to bring your talent strategy to life. Our service-enabled software is customizable. You won’t need to change your processes to suit the software – we configure the software so it fits with your existing ecosystem.

Our Scout Talent Marketplace is open-platform meaning it integrates with a range of talent acquisition & HR-related technology products and services.

Play Video

When The Phoenix Society was not getting the quality of applicants that they needed to find a Registered Nurse, they began to think that they would never be able find one.

Watch this video to find out how Scout Talent were able to change all that and help The Phoenix society to find a Registered Nurse who would go on to make a huge difference in the local community.

Client Feedback

top-rated talent acquisition software

“Scout Talent helped us fill a position that had been vacant for quite some time. We were happy with the number of qualified candidates the experts at Scout were able to generate for us. The process is very smooth and their platform is user-friendly.”

Dana Cridland,
Community Living


“Scout was an excellent aid in our recruitment efforts. The Scout team was knowledgeable, helpful and reachable. We were able to hire great candidates through our advertisement with Scout.”

Melissa Olive,
Servus Credit Union

Only spend time on the very best candidates by using our proven screening techniques

Our Healthcare Recruitment Services are backed by industry experts

A Targeted Approach

Our recruitment marketing specialists leverage healthcare recruitment SEO to create job advertisements that target the right healthcare candidates.

Tailored Messaging

Our recruitment marketing and employer branding specialists will tailor your healthcare recruitment campaigns to highlight your organization’s culture, purpose and values.

Proven Screening Techniques

Our shortlisting and selection team screens qualified candidates through group assessment days, interviews, tests and checks to find the right healthcare talent for your organization.

healthcare recruitment

How can Healthcare Recruitment help you?

Save Time

A lack of time can have you cutting corners and not achieving the results you want. Our healthcare recruitment specialists will maximize your recruitment capabilities and streamline the process.

No More Ad Copy Writing

Our recruitment marketing specialists will craft custom, effective job advertisements with SEO best practices to attract the healthcare talent you need.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Enjoy better quality hires (who will last) from a pool of candidates who are vetted and well-matched to your company values, openings and culture.

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