The benefits of Group Assessment Days and how to set them up successfully
Posted 02 June, 2022

Are you struggling to get the recruitment outcomes you need to drive growth for your organization? Try a new approach to talent acquisition that’s more engaging for candidates and gives you more data for decision-making: group assessments.

Open your talent pool to candidates from all walks of life and judge their performance accurately and fairly based on real-world work scenarios, not just a piece of paper.

Some of the benefits you could see if you host group assessment days include:

  • Fewer candidates dropouts;
  • Greater talent pooling opportunities;
  • A great candidate experience; and,
  • An improved employer brand.

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Get to know your host, Aurelio Tedesco, Head of Talent Acquisition Services

Aurelio is the Head of Talent Acquisition Services at Scout Talent, overseeing our teams of Recruitment Marketers, Employer Branding Specialists and Talent Engagement Experts. Empowered by many years of talent acquisition experience within both small boutique and large multinational organizations, Aurelio drives the recruitment goals for Scout Talent’s valued clients. Aurelio always strives to see people first and this, coupled with his passion for people and ownership of our clients’ outcomes, contribute majorly to the success of our services teams.

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