Five ways to automate your hiring process
Posted 27 May, 2022

The tough recruitment climate is leaving organizations with less time to waste on inefficient recruitment processes. Particularly when you’re struggling to find the right fit, automated candidate management processes help to save time on talent acquisition.
In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices on how to increase hiring efficiency and get better results for your organization. Talent Acquisition Advisor, Holly Itzstein, shares actionable tips to help you:

  • Automate screening and candidate communications;
  • Get your job ads in front of more candidates;
  • Engage candidates and create a talent pipeline.

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Get to know your host, Holly Itzstein, Talent Acquisition Advisor

Holly has a diverse background of more than ten years in hospitality and customer service roles and understands the difference a great management team can make in the workplace. With tertiary qualifications in Psychology and Human Resource Management, Holly found her true passion in working with people through Human Resources. In particular, Holly leverages her experience and education alongside Learning and Development strategies to create streamlined recruitment processes for Scout Talent’s clients. Through education, system optimization, and dedication, Holly imparts best practice support on Scout Talent software users to help them get the most out of their subscription and contribute to organizational success.

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