Smarter Employer Branding: Your guide to becoming an employer of choice
Posted 12 October, 2022

Amidst tough competition for talent, are your talent attraction and retention strategies attracting the right people?

An important and often overlooked part of the talent acquisition process is the Employer Brand. That is, the reputation your organization has as an employer, and the work it does to retain your current team and attract new talent.

In 3-part fortnightly webinar series, hosted by Scout Talent’s Employer Branding Team Leader, Geoff Maclean, you’ll learn how a strong Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) can help you:

  • Reduce staff turnover;
  • Improve job ad performance; and,
  • Attract more high-quality candidates to your organization.

Get through to the right candidates with authentic brand storytelling

Don’t miss out on these essential insights to better understand the value of employer branding and the ROI it can provide for your recruitment process. Here’s a breakdown of what is covered in each 30-45 minute episode:

  • Episode 1: Employer branding preparation and strategic alignment;
  • Episode 2: Building the employer branding solution; and,
  • Episode 3: Planning, implementation, and measurement.

Enter your details below and a copy of the webinar recordings will be emailed to you promptly. Enjoy the discussion at your own pace and be sure to browse our other resources for more talent acquisition insights.

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