Leading your recruitment strategy in times of uncertainty
Posted 07 April, 2020
Leading your recruitment strategy in times of uncertainty

This period of adjustment requires strong leadership. Are you confident in your long-term talent strategy? With drastic spikes in unemployment, many organizations issuing recruitment freezes, and/or being inundated with applications, there are measures we need to put in place now to safely navigate our organizations into the future.

Our CEO Andrea and Founder & Chief Revenue Officer Susie, joined by special guests, share critical insights about how to create an effective talent strategy during this period of adjustment. With more than 40 years of combined experience in the recruitment industry, they provide must-know answers to help you create a roadmap, lead effectively and execute a plan that’s right for your organization.

You will learn: 

  • The best way to communicate with candidates if you’re in a recruitment freeze
  • Talent pipeline approaches to avoid heavy competition in the future — even if you’re not ready to make a hire just yet
  • Where to direct your attention to maintain productivity and keep your existing team focused
  • How to run campaigns effectively if you do need to make a hire
  • Overcoming challenges with shortlisting when you’re inundated with applications.


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