How to Hire For Roles That Will Require Relocation
Posted 20 December, 2019

As the job market in Canada continues to become more and more candidate-centric, you may find yourself having to look outside of your locality and offer relocation assistance to find the very best candidates. Have you ever had to do this before?

If not, don’t worry!

Here at Scout Talent, we have helped clients to relocate their best candidates from Vancouver to Newfoundland and everywhere in between.

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Watch Shane and Fraser, our in-house Candidate Attraction and Shortlisting and Selection experts, as they share their insights into everything you need to know about how to attract, interview and hire for roles that may require you to relocate someone from out of town!


– Current state of the marketplace
– Getting your organization market ready
– What’s important when relocating candidates
– How to sell your role to out of town candidates
– How to interview, screen and hire out of town candidates

***Please note that since this webinar was shot, Employment Office is now Scout Talent.

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