Top 5 strategies for TA teams to hire at scale
Posted 15 December, 2022

What does it take to attract top talent in this tight and competitive labour market? Hear firsthand from the experts about how your organization can achieve your talent acquisition goals.

In this webinar, two of our top Recruitment Marketing and Talent Engagement specialists, Madeline Ryan (TE Team Leader) and Anna Kunzel (RM Team Leader), will answer recruitment questions they are frequently asked. Maddy and Anna engage with clients every day to understand what challenges they are facing and how they can help to overcome them. During the webinar, they will share their top 5 strategies for how you can:

  • Attract and engage quality talent;
  • Manage recruitment costs;
  • Implement and use talent acquisition technology effectively;
  • Reduce time to hire through bulk recruitment;
  • Empower your team members to manage your recruitment process.
Don’t miss out on these insights to help you overcome talent acquisition challenges and see better ROI from your recruitment process.