Recruitment faux pas: Understand these recruitment mistakes and how to avoid them
Posted 19 December, 2019
Presented by:
Amber Dique-Bellette, Global Shortlisting & Selection Leader
Recruitment will always be a minefield of potential mistakes, both big and small. This webinar covers everything from those cringingly awkward interviewing faux pas, that can leave your candidates confused and uninspired, through to those big mistakes that can seriously impact your brand, your business, and cost you money.
Our Global Shortlisting & Selection Leader Amber shares stories of interviewing disasters, cringe-worthy questions, branding nightmares and the tips and tricks of how to avoid them.
You will learn:

  • Why it’s important to understand what can go wrong, and how small things may be affecting your ability to attract and retain top talent
  • Each part of the recruitment process and what the most common recruitment faux pas are of each
  • How to avoid some of the easy mistakes and create a robust process

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