Our Recruitment Marketing Specialists tailor your marketing campaign to maximise candidate attraction.


Our specialists use advanced screening methodologies to shortlist the top candidates in your talent pool.


Our Specialists utilise best-practice interview strategies, from recorded two-way videos to Group Information and Interview Days, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your top candidates.

Ensure your applicants are the right fit for your role and organisation through behavioural and skills testing. Gain peace of mind in your hiring decision through professional background and reference checks.

We execute and promote your advertisements to reach the best talent for your role and organisation.
  • Strategic advertising campaigns
  • Succinct and targeted copy
  • Ongoing campaign optimisation.

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Our Shortlisting and Selection Specialists identify your top talent in your talent pool to streamline your process.

  • Video interviews
  • Behavioural and Skills testing
  • Background and reference checks
  • Group Information and Interview Days

Attracting candidates to your vacancy is just the start of the recruitment process.

Successfully shortlisting your pool of applicants is key in ensuring you find the best of the best.

Review your top candidates

Our Specialists shortlist your top applications, with either recorded two-way video interviews or conducting Group Information and Interview Day.

Gain confidence in your hiring decision

Our Specialists facilitate psychometrics and skills testing, and background and reference checks to give you peace of mind in your hiring choice.

Ready to review your top candidates?

Shortlisting saves you valuable time and resources so you can focus on what you do best.
Rate and Rank

Through Scout Talent’s state-of-the-art Candidate Management System, our Shortlisting Specialists rate and rank your applicants to find the top talent among the applicant pool.

Group Interview Days

Our Shortlisting and Selection team can coordinate and facilitate Group Interview Days on your behalf so you can make multiple hires and get to know candidates in a relaxed, professional setting.

Recorded Two-Way Video Interviews

Video interviews enable you to review your shortlisted candidates through best-in-class technology. Review candidates at your convenience to refine your shortlist with confidence, and progress the best candidates to face-to-face interviews.

Background Checks

Our Shortlisting and Selection Specialists undertake background checks, checking your candidates’ details so you can hire with certainty and confidence.

Behavioural Testing

Behavioural tests accurately  measure your candidates’ temperament, behavioural fit and predicted job performance.

Reference Checks

Our expert team is well versed in effective reference checking, so at the end of the process you can be certain you’ve made the correct hiring decision.

Skills Testing

Strengthen your recruitment process by incorporating candidate skills testing. Our proven technology will improve your recruitment results and help you make a more informed hiring decision.

Why Choose Us

Your Shortlisting & Selection Specialist partners with you throughout, providing guidance and insight to help you assess candidates and make the best hire

Best-in-class behavioural assessments and skills testing add invaluable rigour to your selection process. Understand your candidate’s temperament and approach before you hire them.

Revolutionary two-way video interviews direct to your inbox allow you to see your
candidates before you meet them.

Group Assessment Sessions delivered by us increase your efficiency and inform your decision-making. See your candidates in action to ensure they fit.

Our exceptional, proactive candidate care means a great experience for all your
applicants, a faster process and a competitive advantage in securing the best
people ahead of the rest

Our experienced team handles all applicant enquiries and feedback on your behalf, ensuring exceptional candidate care and saving you time.

Our flexible, transparent service options mean that you can pick and choose where you’d like us to help, and only pay for the specific services you need.