New Look and Improved User Experience

We just rolled out Stage 2 of :Recruit’s new and improved appearance and functionality. Expect visual enhancements to Smart Forms and Approval Forms, two essential components of our recruitment CRM. These changes are designed to enhance your experience with our talent acquisition software, offering you not only a sleeker appearance but also access to a range of exciting new features. Rest assured, you’ll still have access to your existing data and functions while enjoying the benefits of the updated :Recruit platform.

What’s new?

Smart Forms and Approval Forms will be upgraded to a new, streamlined look and feel that will combine new and existing features to help you drive your talent acquisition goals.

Changes coming to Smart Forms

Finding Forms Made Simple

Searching for specific forms has never been easier. Now, it's just a few clicks to find the right form when you need it.

Customize More

Enhanced customization controls are coming which lets you tailor your view to match your preferences, providing a more user-friendly experience.

Effortless Form Management

Managing your forms is a breeze with the new updates. Enabling or disabling forms is just a click away.

Increased Control

Creating, cloning, enabling, or disabling forms has never been simpler. We’ve given you more control over your forms from start to finish.

Changes coming to Approval Forms

Visual decluttering

An updated appearance will make it easier for you to read and navigate :Recruit at a glance.

Increased Flexibility

You now have the flexibility to add or remove columns and adjust their order, providing a more tailored view of your data.

Easier to Use

Enjoy a cleaner and more user-friendly experience. Now you can easily navigate the advanced settings, ensuring you can customize your forms exactly as you need them.

Efficiency Gains

You can now easily search for approvers within the available fields. Finding the right person for your approval process has never been more efficient.

Learn your way around with ease

We’ve created these short video tutorials to help you learn your way around the new system, well ahead of time. Bookmark this page now so that you can easily refer back to these tutorials once you gain access to the new version of :Recruit.

Get to know your way around the new-look Approval Forms page

Discover the new advanced filter for Approval Forms and Approval Templates

Customize the data on your Approval Forms page and Approval Templates 

Discover the new search tool for Approval Forms and Approval Templates

How to clone, archive, trash, and bulk trash in the new layout

How to navigate advanced settings for Approval Forms 

How to edit Approval Forms and Approval Templates

Learn how you can create an Approval Template

How to organize your side bar and headings in the new layout

How to use the public link tool for Approval Forms and Approval Templates

How to navigate the new look Smart Forms page

How to create new and edit existing Smart Forms

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Frequently asked questions

What will happen to my :Recruit/:Essentials Subscription?

These updates will not affect the status of your subscriptions to any of our software modules.

All the features in :Recruit will continue to be there. You will simply benefit from an improved experience.

Do these upgrades affect :Recruit Essentials, too?

Yes, as the stages of the software upgrades progress, any page that is common between :Recruit and :Recruit Essentials will be updated. So, for example, once the new Smart Forms feature is updated for:Recruit, it will appear in :Recruit Essentials, too.

When will the :Recruit software updates happen?

The :Recruit software updates will be released in stages to allow you time to get comfortable with the new appearance and functionality. The rollout will take place as early as mid-October 2023, and they will be ongoing until year-end until all accounts are updated.

What do I need to do?

All you need to do to prepare for the software updates is watch the video tutorials above and bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it easily.

The updates will start to roll out in stages from October 2023 and they will continue automatically, without any action required, over a period of a few months.

You will be notified well before we upgrade your account. Your account will have no disruption during this period and you will be able to drive your talent acquisition goals without delay.

Why are these changes being made?

:Recruit has been supporting organizations with their applicant tracking and candidate management for decades. These upgrades are designed to help you get even more out of your recruitment CRM whilst providing a much-needed facelift. All in all, :Recruit will be easier to read, easier to use, and have even greater functionality to improve the way you manage your recruitment processes.

Where can I get more information?

As the rollout of stages continues, you will gain access to a growing library of resources to help you find and use current and new features most effectively. You can bookmark this page to your browser so that you can easily refer back to it as needed.

I have more questions…

We’re here to help. If you have any more questions about the :Recruit software updates, you can reach out to your Account Executive or call our head office at 1 866 474 3140 to be connected with a specialist who can support you.

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