What is Service-enabled Software (SeS) for recruitment?
2 minutes | Posted 30 September, 2019


At Scout Talent, we deliver Service-enabled Software designed for recruitment. All that technical jargon can be difficult to understand! We’ve explained it here.


What is Service-enabled Software?

Scout Talent is an organisation which provides Service-enabled Software (SeS). This means that the service aspect of the software we provide is central to the product.

Service-enabled Software is quite different to Software as a Service (SaaS). Here’s how.

What’s the difference between SeS, the other SeS and SaaS?

In his 2009 article about ‘Software-enabled Services’ (the other SeS), David B. Black, Technology Partner at Oak Investment Partners, writes ‘With SaaS, the company’s core business is writing and delivering software, which other people use to run their own business, whatever it may be’.

In a nutshell, this means that a SaaS provider’s main goal is selling software that their customers use independently of the company. Think of Microsoft Office suite and the ability to purchase the software to use yourself with no other service or support with it aside from some troubleshooting, reporting and updates.

According to Black, if a company is selling Software-enabled Services, this means ‘the software is not the business – the software is an essential, mission-critical aspect of the service the company provides’.

For Scout Talent as a Service-enabled Software provider, the opposite is true. The service is an ‘essential, mission-critical aspect’ of the software Scout Talent provides. In other words, the services we provide as a part Scout Talent product suite strengthens and supports the recruitment software we provide.

Scout Talent provides a recruitment technology product suite which can be purchased through subscription, but we also leverage this technology to provide your team with a modular talent attraction, recruitment software products and recruitment service that you can rely on.

Instead of just buying the Scout Talent product suite for recruitment, you are partnering with a team of talent acquisition specialists, not just a software provider.

Scout Talent is a recruitment software business but you can access recruitment services and expert support to enhance this software and its usefulness to your organisation.

Our Recruitment Services

We have a wide range of recruitment products and services that can provide an end-to-end solution for your organisation. From the complete package with an RPO service to smaller, more focused services such as recruitment advertising and shortlisting; Scout Talent can support your organisation and your existing HR teams to enhance their recruitment.

For example, our expert recruitment advertising team can write the copy for your job advertisements and analyse the performance of your advertising campaign while you handle the candidate management process using our CMS, Scout Talent: Recruit.

Need more information?

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