Recruitment is human: AI-powered shortlisting
Posted 11 March, 2020
Recruitment is human: AI-powered shortlisting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics and are starting to impact our work and personal lives. Over the last few years, AI and ML have become more widely adopted in recruitment and human resources as powerful tools in the hiring process.
So, why does it matter and how can it help you?
In this session, our specialists share with you how AI will, in fact, keep the human element in recruitment. Its role is to give you greater insights, automate and streamline your processes, and help you make better decisions…faster.
Our Product Manager James and Shortlisting & Selection Team Leader Christie will introduce Scout Talent’s new Application Insights tool and how AI will help you drive your hiring strategy into the future.
You will learn:

  • AI methods for analysing applications – resume parsers, automated ranking, and more
  • Scout Talent’s Application Insights tool – what it is and how it adds to your knowledge of candidates
  • The science behind the service – how it doesn’t make hiring decisions, but rather, provides a gateway to better questions.

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