Measuring the impact of your employer brand: real recruitment metrics you can track today
Posted 19 November, 2019
Presented by:
Keith Stanley, Chief Marketing Officer
Genelle Richardson, Employer Branding Specialist
Our Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Employer Branding Keith and Employer Branding Specialist Genelle share expert advice on measuring the impact of your employer brand.
You will learn:

  • Latest industry facts and statistics about employer branding
  • A quick overview of the tangible benefits you can expect to achieve through employer branding
  • Key employer branding metrics to track, and how to track them
  • Amplification and measurement tools
  • A real-life case study from one of Australia’s largest manufacturers.

Whether you’re interested in learning more about how to track these metrics yourself or are looking for a way to obtain buy-in from your executive team to invest more in employer branding, you’ll be sure to obtain useful strategic insights to sharpen your competitive talent advantage.
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