Making hires that last by utilising your employer brand
Posted 22 July, 2020

Making hires that last by utilising your employer brand

In a high-unemployment market, are you struggling to manage hundreds of applications and find your top applicants? Utilising your employer brand to your best advantage can help you overcome these challenges.

How? Articulating your employer brand in a strategic, authentic way is your best chance to attract candidates who are the right fit for your organisation. It also gives unsuitable candidates the clarity they need to self-select out of the process early on.

In this webinar, our Employer Branding Specialists share real insights from real candidates from our annual Candidate Experience Survey. They’ll share how to use these insights to shape your employer brand and adapt your recruitment strategy post-COVID-19 to deal with new market challenges.

You will learn:

  • What factors influence candidates when they’re looking for and deciding to apply/not apply for a role
  • How to articulate your unique offering so the right candidates apply for your opportunities
  • Employer branding trends and post-COVID-19 considerations to take into account.

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