Meet your dream team of talent acquisition experts
2 minutes | Posted 27 March, 2023

What if you could revolutionize your recruitment process without breaking the bank? What if you could have a dedicated team of talent acquisition experts working on your recruitment campaign, access to a pool of qualified candidates, and best-of-breed talent acquisition technology? And what if all of this costs less than what you’re probably paying right now?

Welcome to Scout Talent – we provide a comprehensive talent acquisition platform that puts people first. So why choose Scout Talent over other talent acquisition offerings? Let’s dive into the benefits.

1. Gain access to a team of talent acquisition experts 

When you run a recruitment campaign with Scout Talent, you’ll gain access to a team of talent acquisition experts who will help you bring your talent strategy to life. 

Our recruitment marketing specialists (copywriters, advertising specialists, and headhunters) put your ideal candidate at the center of your strategy to ensure that you attract the right people for your organization. We craft a personalized recruitment webpage and advertising that excites candidates about joining your team. Plus, we tap into the passive candidate market to widen your talent pool. 

Our shortlisting and selection specialists save you precious time and help you hire with confidence by rating and ranking your candidates as they come in, conducting video interviews with top candidates, and presenting you with the best choices. 

2. Access your entire talent pool 

When outsourcing recruitment support, it’s not uncommon to only get access to one or two candidates, based on who your provider deems to be the most suitable applicant for your role from their candidate pool. With Scout Talent, you get complete access and ownership of your entire pool of candidates. Our shortlisting and selection team can help you to select the best candidate, but you retain full oversight of all the options available. Once your campaign has finished, you can draw on your candidate pool for future hires, or to make additional placements further down the track. All of this candidate data is stored in your new Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM that’s included in your campaign…

3. Gain access to an applicant tracking system and recruitment CRM 

When you partner with Scout Talent, you receive access to an Applicant Tracking System and Recruitment CRM, :Recruit Essentials. With your new recruitment tech, you will save time with the ability to publish job ads across multiple channels at once, automate the screening and shortlisting process, and be informed to make fast hiring decisions. All of this enables you to spend more time caring for your candidates and strengthening your position as an employer of choice. Beyond your first talent acquisition campaign with Scout Talent, you’ll retain access to :Recruit Essentials for 12 months, so that you can continue to engage your talent pool and run any future campaigns. 

4. No percentage of salary charged 

Our talent acquisition campaigns are structured with a flat-fee cost, plus advertising, and never charge a percentage of the candidate’s salary. Our recommended advertising strategy will change somewhat depending on the seniority of the role and the best practices to reach candidates at that level. But the salary of your new hire has no bearing on what we charge. Ever. 

Scout Talent offers an alternative approach to recruitment that always puts people first. By putting a team of forward-thinking, marketing-minded talent acquisition experts at your disposal, we can help to revolutionize your recruitment process without driving up costs. If you’re looking for top talent, get in contact today to learn more about our talent acquisition campaigns. 



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