Scout Talent combats the risk of resume fraud
2 minutes | Posted 02 November, 2020

Is your organisation taking the necessary steps to combat resume fraud? Here’s how to use recruitment technology to your best advantage. 
Blue Orca’s latest report accuses Chinese online job board, Zhaopin, (of which Australia’s SEEK owns 61%) of allowing fake job advertisements from illegitimate companies, and paying people to submit fraudulent candidate resumes and profiles. These claims led to a significant drop in SEEK’s share price last week.
For some, the report came as a shock, and led to a trading halt in SEEK shares at the behest of the ASX. For others, the accusations weren’t surprising.
Andrea Davey, CEO of Scout Talent, an Australian recruitment technology company, notes, “Resume spam and resume fraud have always been a challenge for employers in Australia and overseas, and this has been exacerbated by high unemployment rates caused by COVID-19.”
“Whether the fraudulent resumes are from companies paying people to submit them, or less-than-enthusiastic job seekers who are applying for any job they see in order to receive government benefits, it creates a big headache for employers.”
“Concerningly, it also increases the risk of legitimate, qualified candidates being ‘lost’ amongst a sea of fake applications, and losing out.”
The best way for employers to minimise this risk is to harness recruitment technology like Scout Talent, designed to screen out fake or fraudulent applications. As a recruitment CRM, Scout Talent uses a funnel-approach to filter through high volumes of candidates, and ultimately support objective and efficient decision-making in the hiring process.
With Scout Talent, employers can utilise online screening questions to minimise fraudulent and ‘spam’ resumes, and the software’s machine learning and AI capabilities flags duplicate or suspicious applications. Scout Talent has recently partnered with IBM Watson to analyse applications and assess their legitimacy and suitability for the role.
Davey adds, “Relying solely on one advertising source is risky. Given recent events regarding SEEK, candidates and employers may lose trust in the platform and look for alternative options. To hire great talent, or secure a great job, you need to have a wide-reaching strategy.”
“The best candidate management systems are compatible with a wide range of job boards and social networks. This empowers employers to reach a broad range of candidates across multiple sources, and then funnel them into one system, where screening can commence.”
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