Scout Talent Candidate Survey 2020: Find out how candidates are really feeling about recruitment
Posted 29 October, 2020

In this webinar, join Scout Talent’s Head of Recruitment Marketing and Candidate Attraction, Shane Keane, and Recruitment Software Product Specialist, Jane Begley, as they share the results and insights related to our 2020 candidate survey.

For this survey, we reached out to over 6,000 candidates across several industries and all across Canada to find out how they were feeling about recruitment right now. This webinar will seek to provide you with an insight into what candidates are looking for right now and how to appeal to them in order to attract the top talent available for your next recruitment campaign.

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– How candidates are approaching recruitment in the current pandemic.
– Factors that influence whether a candidate chooses to apply for a role or not.
– Factors that influence candidates specific to industries
– Pain points that candidates are currently facing.
– How we can use this data to improve our recruitment processes.

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