Quicker Hiring Than Ever With Our Latest Software Upgrades
3 minutes | Posted 19 January, 2022

Scout Talent’s recruitment software customers know the benefits of integrating software into their recruitment process.

Our recruitment software can:

  • Significantly reduce your time-to-hire. In fact, using our job posting software can reduce the time per recruitment campaign by over 10 hours. Learn more about how much time you can actually save by implementing recruitment software.
  • Improve candidate experience, and in turn, improve your Employer Brand. Automated emails and easy interview scheduling means that your candidates are being updated on their application status every step of the way, and can easily book a video interview. Keeping applicants informed means they’re more likely to apply for roles within your organization, time and time again.
  • Improve the size of your candidate pool by creating a Talent Pool. Our software allows you to create a Talent Pool from past applicants to your jobs, meaning you have a wider and more engaged audience to market your new roles to.

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Did you know that 39% of applicants will lose interest if the hiring process takes too long?

That’s why we’ve made two huge improvements to our software, which allow you to hire quicker than ever.

Text candidates for quicker communication than ever.

Statistics show that using text as a form of communication can get your team ten times the response rate from candidates. That’s why we’ve integrated our software with TextUs.

TextUs is the leading text messaging service provider for businesses that want to engage in real-time conversations with candidates. With the new integration, you will be able to send texts and receive them in :Recruit. All candidates will have a TextUs inbox on their application.

Automatically post to even more job boards.

What if you were able to reach an audience of thousands by posting to job boards, aggregators and social media channels in just one click? Our new product update could be the solution you’re dreaming of. This year, the new :Recruit integration with multi-channel job posting software, Idibu, brings a new wave of efficiencies to your talent acquisition system.

The Idibu job posting software integration eliminates the repetitive manual process and saves your internal recruitment team members precious time.The integration enables multi-channel job posting from within Scout Talent’s software to a vast range of job boards across several countries worldwide. No matter where your audience is based, this job posting software integration empowers you to reach out through multiple job boards and social media channels in just a few clicks.

Casting a wider net in less time is proven to deliver candidates faster. Idibu’s network of job boards is extensive and helps you broaden your recruitment marketing capabilities in a time-efficient manner.

Here are a few Idibu job boards you probably use:

  • Monster
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Glassdoor
  • Ziprecruiter
  • Infomine

Job posting software without borders

The last few years demonstrated the value of borderless talent acquisition, particularly with the explosion of remote work. In a competitive candidate market, many organizations are looking global to build and maintain a talent pool of remote team members. With quick and easy access to Idibu job boards, your organization can reach further than ever before and bring diverse talent into the mix.

How to activate your job posting software

If you’d like to learn more about this paid feature and how to gain access to it, contact your dedicated account executive or contact us to be connected with a specialist. You can send an email to hello@scouttalent.ca or call +1 866 474 3140 for more information.

Interested in adopting recruitment software? Book a free demo with one of our recruitment experts now.

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