New talent engagement product structure: how to choose the right campaign for you
3 minutes | Posted 31 January, 2022

If you’ve worked with Scout Talent before, you’ve most likely heard of our shortlisting and selection offering. If you haven’t: it’s the process by which our specialists help your organization interview, rank, shortlist, and assess the skills of your candidates before you hire. Depending on which campaign a client launches, our specialists provide a range of services to help them make well-informed hiring decisions. 
In a competitive market with record-high levels of demand for candidates, it’s not just about shortlisting the right person. Now, it’s about engaging talented people beyond the one or two you actually hire. So, in 2022, our shortlisting and selection offering is evolving into talent engagement on account of the fact that each of these activities engages your candidates directly and keeps them “warm”, like leads. 
Similarly, we’re updating our talent engagement product structure to simplify what we offer and give our clients a clearer understanding of each campaign’s inclusions. 
To help acquaint you with the new talent engagement product structure, we created this article to break down each type of campaign and its inclusions. Let’s begin! 

An end-to-end talent engagement campaign 

The new structure of our primary talent engagement product is the end-to-end campaign. Offering the best balance between value and cost, end-to-end campaigns include a wide variety of talent engagement activities that help organizations like yours refine their talent pools and make the best hiring decisions. If you previously launched a “gold campaign” with Scout Talent, then the end-to-end campaign is the closest comparison in terms of inclusions and cost. 

What’s in an end-to-end campaign? 

An end-to-end campaign is the best value for organizations that need to fairly and accurately hire talented candidates, but perhaps don’t have the time or resources internally to provide good candidate care and conduct thorough checks. This is what you receive when you launch an end-to-end talent engagement campaign with us: 

  • A job analysis call to gain an understanding of the role and your organization’s needs. 
  • We create an interview guide to streamline the interview process.
  • Our specialists rate and rank all candidates according to your criteria. 
  • We conduct video interviews for all suitable candidates with one of our specialists. 
  • Our specialists shortlist candidates based on their interview performance and overall suitability. 
  • We schedule interviews between your organization and the top candidates in your pool. 
  • We issue Mcquaig Behavioural Testing to all shortlisted candidates. 
  • Our specialists conduct two reference checks on the final candidate. 
  • We provide full campaign administration, including closing feedback loops with unsuccessful candidates. 

This talent engagement product structure is the most valuable to clients who want to improve the quality of their hires but don’t necessarily have the resources to do so confidently or efficiently. 
For example, a time-poor internal team doesn’t have the resources to communicate regularly with all candidates, let alone those whose applications are unsuccessful. Our specialists remedy this by providing a good candidate experience, closing feedback loops, and maintaining a high level of transparency and professionalism throughout. 
Similarly, by providing video interviews and a concise shortlist, your internal stakeholders get the exact information they need to make strong decisions in less time, reducing your time to hire and yielding better outcomes overall. 

Other talent engagement solutions 

Our talent engagement team created two other campaign types to complement the end-to-end campaign offering. All our clients, no matter their needs, can access talent engagement solutions that support their goals. 
Upper management and c-suite roles usually require more in-depth talent engagement and careful decision-making. As such, we’ve developed the premium campaign solution. A premium talent engagement campaign has many inclusions in common with the end-to-end solution, however, there are some key differences, namely: 

  • Flight booking administration is included in interview scheduling as needed. 
  • We conduct skills testing on leadership, business communication, and management for shortlisted candidates. 
  • We offer customized reference checks for the final candidate. 
  • In-depth police, qualification, and credit default background check is carried out. 

This is in addition to the other talent engagement solutions listed for the end-to-end campaign. A premium campaign provides your organization with more detailed data for decision-making – a must for management and exec-level hires. 
In contrast, our team continues to offer a lean solution as part of the new talent engagement product structure. We deeply understand that each of our clients has different needs, so we always aim to achieve their goals efficiently. That’s why we offer screening campaigns: a lean talent engagement solution that includes the core support your internal recruiters need to make quick but more confident hiring decisions. 

How to choose the right campaign for you 

Depending on the needs of your organization, the role you’re recruiting for, and the resources you have at hand, Scout Talent offers the right campaign to help you achieve your goals. The best way to ensure you’re getting the best value from our new talent engagement product structure is to connect with one of our specialists and discuss your talent acquisition goals. Together, we’ll establish the best talent strategy for your organization and collaborate to get the best results for you and your talent pool.