Digital Learning Management Systems during a pandemic
< 1 minute | Posted 25 February, 2021
Learning Management Systems during a pandemic, economic downturn and beyond

In the current pandemic, Digital Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been thrown into the spotlight. Digital learning has rapidly gone mainstream and this huge trend will upend current education practices, models and processes into the future. Employee engagement, upskilling and retention are on many employers’ radars. Not to mention, social distancing and more time at home has given employees more time to think about their own learning and interests.

If you’re investigating LMS options or are looking to utilize your LMS more effectively, our Executive Director Susie, and special guests Learning Services Specialists Jennifer and Natasha share valuable information to guide you in your decision making and strategy.

You will learn: 

  • The new place of online learning as we move through economic recovery, and anticipated changes in HR, post-pandemic
  • Overcoming bottlenecks with content creation, curation and implementation to get the most bang for your buck
  • How to increase engagement through gamification principles.

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