How :Recruit adds value to your HRIS
3 minutes | Posted 24 August, 2022

In today’s increasingly competitive job market, talent acquisition requires making smarter decisions with your recruitment processes. Many organisations have started to realise that the way they hired in the past can’t compete with the way that the business world recruits now, so they turn to recruitment software solutions to help them enhance their talent acquisition process.

Many organisations use an all-in-one Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to give their HR team the support they need to find good candidates. But at Scout Talent, we’re talent acquisition experts who believe in a best-of-breed approach – that’s why we created a product that focuses on addressing one of your most specific needs in the best possible way. Our premier software module, :Recruit, gives you access to the most advanced, capable candidate relationship management and applicant tracking system on the market.

:Recruit now integrates with HRIS BambooHR

Scout Talent :Recruit is an award-winning ATS and CRM software module. Because it’s best-of-breed, you can trust that it will significantly improve your applicant tracking and candidate management process better than other software options in its category. It may not be the only software that your HR department will use, but it is the best one available for acquiring and managing talent.

Still, your HR team is likely to use other software. That’s why we have partnered with several other HRIS options to make sure that :Recruit will integrate seamlessly. One of our most recent integrations is with BambooHR, a popular all-in-one HR software used by thousands of small, medium, and large organisations across the globe.

BambooHR has quickly become one of the top HRIS options today. It can handle onboarding, e-signatures, employee records, workplace analytics, offboarding, and many of the human resource solutions that SMBs need. 

The integration of Scout Talent’s best-of-breed talent acquisition software with a range of HRISs provides a powerful solution for organisations who are looking to bring together specialist talent attraction and resource management tech. That is why we are pleased to share that our :Recruit ATS is able to integrate with the BambooHR system.

This integration provides many benefits for users of both platforms, including:

  • Access to more powerful solutions – teams that already use BambooHR can now utilise the strengths that :Recruit offers, improving the ability to manage candidates and find talent while still taking advantage of BambooHR’s platform. 
  • Single-login management – human resource managers already wear many hats, balancing many different tasks and tools. Through this integration, HR managers and teams can use a single login to manage their tasks, without having to learn new systems or go back and forth between applications. 
  • Fluid data and talent management – :Recruit’s integration with the Bamboo all-in-one HRIS provides easy end-to-end talent management that saves time and reduces errors.

This integration also makes it possible for existing users of both programs to connect them without losing any functionality, making it easier to use both products. It also makes it easier to train team members managing the HR process, since training can be completed on a single platform – perfect for organisations that do not have a dedicated HR department. 

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Learn More About Our :Recruit Best of Breed CRM

Leveraging the best possible tools for finding and managing talent is essential to staying on top of competitors and reducing the strain on your HR team. Through an integration between :Recruit and BambooHR, organisations can take advantage of a best-of-breed CRM and ATS to create an end-to-end solution to achieve their talent acquisition goals.

Get in touch with us today for a demonstration of  Scout Talent :Recruit. If you’d like to learn more about some of the partners and applications we currently integrate with, check out our Scout Talent Marketplace for information about the many different programs that complement our programs. 

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