How eLearning is solving training challenges in retail
2 minutes | Posted 23 September, 2019


One of the largest challenges many retail recruiters face is being able to rapidly develop your team members’ skills. If this is something you’re struggling with, eLearning is a powerful solution to train and upskill your teams without breaking the bank. 

According to the latest research from the Australian Retailers Association, nine out of ten customers claim that bad experiences with a company result in a change to their future buying decisions, while almost half of respondents (42%) stopped buying from a company altogether due to a bad experience. With the stakes so high, having an effective system in place to train and educate your employees is paramount.

eLearning has become the most efficient and effective method of delivering education and training materials, as it: 

  • enables you to to manage training content for employees from a central location (which is particularly useful if you have multiple business locations) 
  • facilitates a consistent buyer experience for customers through standardised training
  • allows employees to train from anywhere and anytime 
  • massively reduces business costs 
  • avoids time constraints normally associated with classroom training, especially if you employing seasonal workers
  • provides effective onboarding and continuous learning opportunities
  • reduces turnover through fostering employee loyalty, as employees value training opportunities. 

The best eLearning solutions deliver access to comprehensive, high-quality training to deliver to your team members at a low cost. Access, deliver and manage all learning for your team members in a central location, without the hassle and cost of using multiple providers or software. Use reporting to track the progress of your team members’ training, and allow them to work through content at their own pace, and revisit material if they need to. 

eLearning reduces your overall administration time and costs by automating and streamlining your processes. It gives you the peace of mind knowing that all your teams are up to date on compliance and that you are more likely to retain great talent by offering learning opportunities. 

We would be remiss to talk about eLearning without mentioning our world-class Scout Learning software, which features 15 000+ premium courses, facilitates third-party SCORM-compliant online courses, and enables you to create and share your own learning content, policies, documents and videos. 

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