The Talent Scout Episode 39: Assisting During The Second Wave
3 minutes | Posted 01 December, 2020

Today I am once again recording a podcast episode from my bedroom. Vancouver, like many parts of the world, is now enduring the brunt of the second wave of Coronavirus and once again many of us are locked down.

Once more we find ourselves navigating the dreaded unprecedented times. It goes without saying that this impacts us emotionally, physically, and financially in a myriad of ways. We could certainly talk at length about all of those things but this is a recruitment podcast series and you tune in weekly to learn more about the world of recruitment. So that’s what we’re going to focus on and hopefully, this podcast will be one of the last times I ever have to say unprecedented times.

Recruitment professionals are struggling

Here at Scout Talent, we are in constant contact with our clients and while we are thankfully all managing a lot better with this second wave it is certainly clear that many of us in the world of recruitment are struggling.

Some organizations have had to implement hiring freezes once again and are focused on their bottom line. Others are struggling to keep lean workforces motivated under an ever-increasing workload and when it comes to hiring support for their team, finding that the candidate market isn’t as easy to navigate as they suspected.

What Scout can do for you

Perhaps you’re experiencing some of these issues, perhaps you’re lucky and not experiencing any of them. Wherever you are as an organization, we here at Scout Talent would like you to know that we are ready and able to assist should you need it.

If you or your team members are out of the office, or just busy with competing priorities, our recruitment specialists can step in and act as an extension of your team.

  • Our Recruitment Marketing specialists can design eye-catching advertisements backed by effective candidate attraction strategies.
  • Our Shortlisting and Selection specialists can create and manage a robust screening process so that your organization isn’t overwhelmed with applications. They’ll do all of this by maintaining excellent candidate care while they conduct video interviews, behavioural testing, reference checks, and more.
  • Our Employer Branding specialists can keep your talent pipeline warm and engaged so that when you’re ready to hire again the talent is available and ready to by motivated by your employee value proposition as a new member of your team.

If you find that you have team members working from home or that your organization needs to reduce face-to-face contact in general there are ways to manage this while still meeting recruitment targets. At Scout Talent, we want to make a difference in helping you meet your recruitment needs while also protecting your team from nonessential exposure.

To support you during this time, we’re offering 15% off of our video interviewing services in order to give you a fast-tracked, immediate video interview solution if it’s needed. For more information please reach out to us or go to

Talent Pooling

I’ve said it a lot on this podcast and also in our webinars but if you’re planning to survive the current challenges we’re all facing then you’re planning to recruit again. With that in mind now is the time to look at your Talent Pipelining and Talent Pooling process.

A number of our proactive clients are using this time to put measures in place to stay ahead of their talent competitors. When stability returns and hiring gains momentum, the competition will be fierce and top talent will be snapped up quickly.

To that end, our specialists can work with you to run campaigns in order to grow your talent pipeline and maintain both timely and appropriate communication in order to keep the people that you attract engaged. That means that when you’re ready to hire again you’ll have a strong candidate pool to make a selection from.

During challenging times we here at Scout Talent know that recruitment doesn’t always grind to a halt. Whether you need assistance designing the right messaging for your recruitment advertisements, or you need shortlisting or talent pooling support, Scout Talent is here to help in any capacity we can.

Don’t let today’s short-term challenges prevent your future growth and success!

If you’d like to see how Scout Talent can help you, please feel free to reach out to us via email at or by phone at 1 866 474 3140