7 Ways to Enhance Workplace Safety and Hire Safety-Conscious Employees
3 minutes | Posted 05 July, 2023

Building a safe workplace is a shared responsibility that demands the commitment of everyone involved. For employers in the construction and manufacturing sectors, fostering a strong safety culture is not only essential for the long-term sustainability of their businesses but also for fulfilling legal obligations, minimizing risks, and reducing accidents. Additionally, emphasizing workplace safety can attract top-notch candidates who value a secure working environment. To ensure the recruitment of safety-conscious employees and create a safe workplace, consider the following seven strategies:

  1. Incorporate safety into your employer branding

Make safety a fundamental aspect of your employer brand and Employee Value Proposition. By clearly communicating your organization’s commitment to safety, you can attract individuals who share similar values and establish a strong safety culture within your workforce. Regularly reinforce and amplify this message through various channels, such as employee profiles and social media posts.

  1. Highlight safety in recruitment advertisements

Writing your job ad is one of the first parts of the recruitment process. Ensure your job advertisements have safety-focused messaging, and showcase your dedication to providing a safe workplace. This will help you attract safety-conscious candidates that match your organization’s standards.

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  1. Include a safety screening question

When creating your talent landing page, ensure to incorporate a screening question related to safety in your application process. It will help you to identify candidates who prioritize safety in the workplace, making it easier for the shortlisting process.

  1. Incorporate safety-related questions in second-stage interviews

Following the first 3 tips should get you some great talents applying for your vacancy. Now, it’s time to interview and narrow down your top candidates. During second-stage interviews, delve deeper into candidates’ experience, values, and priorities regarding safety. Pose questions that help gauge their approach to safety and their ability to promote health and safety practices among coworkers.

Here are some examples of what to ask:

Example 1: “Safety is of the utmost importance in this role and in our organization. How do you ensure safety in your work?”

Example 2: “How do you encourage and maintain health and safety practices among your colleagues?”

  1. Provide comprehensive and ongoing training

Effective training is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries. While initial onboarding training is essential, it should be supplemented with continuous education to reinforce organizational values and safety protocols. Consider creating ongoing training sessions to address specific roles and ensure that employees understand the direct impact of safety on their well-being.

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  1. Implement incentives and rewards

Motivate employees to prioritize safety by offering incentives and rewards for adhering to safety procedures. Celebrate and share information about reduced injuries and accidents to promote a positive safety culture. However, be cautious to avoid creating an environment where employees are hesitant to report workplace incidents.

  1. Provide adequate support and equipment

While training is useful and effective, it must be reinforced with proper support and equipment. Complying with mandatory safety regulations is crucial, but go beyond these requirements to provide unique support and high-quality equipment. Regularly discuss topics such as first aid kits, helmets, fire safety, vehicle, and machine-specific protocols, and other relevant safety measures.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to creating a safe workplace conveys your genuine concern for the health, safety, and well-being of your employees. By integrating safety into your employer brand, screening processes, and training programs, you can foster a strong culture of workplace safety.

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