Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Recruitment Specialists

Gear up for a global return to hospitality, travel and tourism with customer-oriented candidates.

  • Make multiple hires at once
  • Discover team & cultural fit through behavioral testing
  • Reduce time to hire with streamlined processes
  • Do more with less. Maximize the return on your TA investment.

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Why Outsource Your Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Recruitment Process to Scout?

Attract & secure top Hospitality, Travel and Tourism talent

  • Advertise in just a few clicks onto multiple job boards simultaneously.
  • Identify top hospitality, travel and tourism candidates quickly with screening questions, automated filtering and rate and ranking functionality.
  • Showcase your employer brand with custom-branded hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment pages.

Hospitality, Travel and Tourism experience & expertise

Our hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment specialists offer expertise in:

  • Recruitment marketing and advertising.
  • Candidate shortlisting and selection.
  • Employer branding.

Streamline & automate your processes

  • Work faster, smarter and your way with recruitment software that moulds around your internal processes.
  • Manage your hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment from advertising all the way through to offer in one place.

Recruitment Services

The Scout team offers support to:

  • Review & shortlist applications
  • Send batch communications to multiple candidates
  • Reference check

Tap into our recruitment services when you need, with no lock-in contracts.

Local Support

  • You’ll never be alone if you run into technical challenges, with our helpful, knowledgeable, and local Australian-based team on hand.
  • Get access to the latest industry news, from webinars and newsletters to blogs and guides.

Integrate with your tech

  • Don’t sacrifice functionality with a “one-size-fits-all” HRIS.
  • Our talent acquisition platform integrates and connects with your existing recruitment, HR and wider business tech.

How Does the Recruitment Process Work?

With borders open, there will be a surge in hospitality, travel and tourism demand. Be prepared for it by hiring candidates now who have strong customer service skills and the right culture add for your organisation.

Here’s how the Scout Talent platform can help:


Marketing & Advertising

Attract only the best Hospitality, Travel and Tourism workers

Never write a job ad again – our in-house recruitment marketing and advertising specialists design and execute powerful hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment campaigns. We do this through effective copywriting that will cut through to reach the right hospitality, travel and tourism workers. The campaigns are tailored to your job specifications and advertised through the right channels where your ideal candidates hang out (from job boards to social and other media)

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Talent Engagement

Find your ideal Hospitality, Travel and Tourism worker sooner

Only spend your time on the very best candidates – our Talent Engagement Specialists identify the top talent in your applicant pool to streamline your process (saving you time). This includes:

  • Candidate Management
  • Interviews
  • Testing and Checking

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Case Study: Trippas White Group

During the busiest times of the year in hospitality, Trippas White Group, a leader in the industry, managing a diverse portfolio of iconic restaurants, cafés and event spaces across Australia, relies on Scout Talent to find the best people. With over 20,000 candidates applying for jobs with TWG every year, their team uses Scout Talent to cut through the volumes and identify the best candidates quicker. “People are at the heart of what we do”

Howard Smith Wharves
Trippas White Group
Cater Care
Kingfisher bay resort
Riverside Marine
Taco Bell

Only spend time on the very best candidates by using our proven screening techniques

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Our Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Recruitment Services are backed by industry experts

A Targeted Approach

Our recruitment marketing specialists leverage hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment SEO to create job advertisements that target the right hospitality, travel and tourism candidates.

Tailored Messaging

Our recruitment marketing and employer branding specialists will tailor your hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment campaigns to highlight your organisation’s culture, purpose and values.

Proven Screening Techniques

Our shortlisting and selection team screens qualified candidates through group assessment days, interviews, tests and checks to find the right hospitality, travel and tourism talent for your organisation.

How can Hospitality, Travel and Tourism Recruitment help you?

Save Time

A lack of time can have you cutting corners and not achieving the results you want. Our hospitality, travel and tourism recruitment specialists will maximise your recruitment capabilities and streamline the process.

No More Ad Copy Writing

Our recruitment marketing specialists will craft custom, effective job advertisements with SEO best practices to attract the hospitality, travel and tourism talent you need.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Enjoy better quality hires (who will last) from a pool of candidates who are vetted and well-matched to your company values, openings and culture.

Client Feedback


“If you want to do good work, you really need good people. I’ve been at Hanson for 10 years and Scout Talent has been part of that journey with me. We want to make sure we attract the best possible candidates, and Scout Talent helps us achieve that. It’s been an enormous help to me to know that they’re always there and I can rely on them when I get busy.”

Jeff Burns,
Regional HR Manager


“There are very few ways to differentiate the end product but what we can change is the customer’s experience. And the only way we can do that is through our people. Having Scout Talent embedded in the organisation really helps.”

Karl Yunker,

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