Scout Talent X EIO

Scout Talent is here to help you find your people

Scout Talent is excited to partner with EIO, offering you personalized recruitment services at special client pricing.
Your people are at the heart of your organization, that’s why talent acquisition is at the heart of ours. Let’s hire the best talent for your organization together.

Haven’t been able to connect with your ideal candidate?
Maybe we can.


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Here's what you receive in your customized campaign:

Marketing Campaigns to Appeal to Your Perfect Candidates

We work with you to ensure that we position your role to appeal directly to your perfect candidates.

A Strategic & Comprehensive Advertising Strategy

We can quickly identify clear advertising strategies that work for each role type.

Connecting with Passive Candidates through Digital Headhunting

We find the top candidates for your role and ensure that they hear about it, even if they aren’t actively looking.

Saving You Valuable Time and Resources

We reduce the time you have to spend selecting, screening, and interviewing candidates by delivering you a shortlist of only the top applicants that will be a fit for your role and organization.

Being an Extension of Your Team

We ensure you remain involved in as much of the process as you can be. You will always have access to all candidates, all notes and the ability to review all recorded 2-way video interviews with your top candidates.

Exclusive EIO Client Pricing

Receive 5% off customized, end-to-end recruitment marketing, advertising, and talent engagement service campaigns. You can also make unlimited hires within one campaign.

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