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The World of Recruitment is Changing

Are you fed up of paying a percentage of salary for a new hire? 

Is your recruitment process set up to be fully digital?

Scout Talent might have the solution you are looking for


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Why choose us? 

In this rapidly changing recruitment environment, Scout Talent has the tools and the Recruitment Experts to ensure that you still make the hire that you need, no matter the circumstances. 


Scout Talent takes all of the heavy lifting out of finding your best candidate(s). Just provide us with the information we need about who your ideal candidate is and let our team of experts do the rest. 


We're not like a traditional recruitment agency. There are no hidden fees and we never charge a percentage of salary or placement fees. We work with you and your team every step of the way to generate the best candidates possible but you have the final call in who you hire. 


Our team of experts, with over a decade of experience running successful recruitment campaigns, will generate the best pool of candidates that are available, no matter what the role is. 

Never pay a % of salary or placement fee again ...

Scout Talent Pricing

Technical/Specialist roles - $8,445 ($1495 + $2000 advertising + $4950 Shortlisting

Management roles - $8,945 ($1495 + $2500 advertising + $4950 Shortlisting

Recruitment Agency Pricing

Technical/Specialist roles - $9,750 (15% of salary @ $65k) 

Management roles - $20,000 (20% of salary @ $90k) 

Get the transparency you deserve

 With traditional Recruitment Agencies, you get a candidate from their pool of candidates that they think is the right fit for your organization. With Scout Talent, we generate you a pool of candidates and provide you with all of the expertise and experience necessary for YOU to decide who is the right hire. Because who knows the right fit for your organization better than you, right? 

Using your very own branded recruitment webpage and personalized screening questions, our recruitment experts generate a pool of qualified candidates that you can access at any time both during and after the campaign. 

Create an Employer Brand to be proud of

With traditional recruitment agencies, candidates don’t know who they are applying for until they are selected for an interview. They are not bought into your company’s values and they don’t know anything about your companies culture. With Scout Talent, our Employer Branding Specialists partner with you to help identify and discover your authentic Employer Brand. They then design a branding strategy specific for your organization, to help you both attract and retain your top talent.

Work with your own dedicated recruitment experts 

With traditional recruitment agencies, you work with one recruiter and they manage all parts of your campaign. With Scout Talent, you get your very own team of recruitment experts who work on every aspect of your campaign. 

Recruitment marketers: We have a team of in-house copywriting and advertising experts who will write your personalized recruitment webpage, with your ideal candidate in mind, and design a customized advertising strategy to make sure that this webpage gets in front of as many qualified candidates as possible.

Headhunters: Our in-house team of headhunters use the latest technologies to find and reach out to anyone who fits your description of your ideal candidate. 

Shortlisting and selection specialists: Our Shortlisting and Selection specialists will rate and rank your candidates as they come in, video interview your top candidates and present you with their top choices. They then help you with scheduling final interviews and carry out all behavioural testing and reference checks on your top candidate(s). Keeping that final decision in your hands. 

Build your own pool of talented candidates

With traditional recruitment agencies, they send you the candidate that they think is best. One candidate. If they don’t work out, they may then replace that candidate but you are only ever seeing one or two candidates per role. 

With Scout, we run a comprehensive recruitment marketing campaign and generate you a pool of qualified candidates. Those candidates are yours during and after the campaign. Our recruitment experts will provide you with the knowledge that you need to keep them engaged after the campaign is finished so that you won’t need to pay again if you would like to recruit them for a role in the future.

What recruitment experts are saying about Scout Talent

"We had some of the best candidates come through our campaign with Scout Talent. The level of quality you get with them is truly invaluable. Our candidates were continuously looked after, and when it came to choosing which candidates to bring in to meet, it was so easy to narrow down the best by viewing their video interviews. I highly recommend Scout Talent as they met our needs for our Technical Support roles, without the hefty contingency fees of a traditional recruitment agency. The team are a pleasure to work with and really understand the kind of candidates we were looking for!" 

Adrianna Bakker

HR Business Partner, Smart Simple Software Inc

Lenetta Parry

""Scout Talent was very helpful to our organization in staffing our Revenue Development and Communications team. They were able to attract a great selection of qualified candidates to choose from. They used a variety of innovative platforms to get the job done while saving me time. The process was fast and effective. Their team was helpful, prompt, attentive and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend using this service when filling key positions within a company. I personally do not think I will hire any other way ever again!" " 

Executive Director. Central Okanagan Food Bank

Frequently Asked Questions 


Do you fill all types of vacancies?

We work across a range of roles and role types, and have Recruitment Consultants who specialise in specific industries. You’ll only work with a consultant who understands your area and challenges.



Why don’t you charge a percentage of salary?

We never have. Our clients moved away from that model for a reason and love paying us for the work that we do! We’ll always charge you for the level of work that you need, be it large or small.



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Your Employer Brand influences the way your candidate market views you as a potential employer. It allows you to articulate to your talent what differentiates you from other organizations, why you are an employer of choice and why they should choose to work for you rather than someone else.


I already have 100 candidates. Can you help with the rest of the process?

We definitely can! Our team of Shortlisting Specialists are great at sorting through a pile of applications and helping you find the best of the bunch. Get in touch and we’ll help you out!



What if I need to hire more than one candidate?

That’s fine – there is no additional charge regardless of how many of your candidates you employ from a recruitment campaign. We charge you for our recruitment process instead of charging you a percentage of salary fee like employment agencies do.


C-suite and Executives - $12,195 ($1495 + $3000 advertising + $7700 Shortlisting

C-suite and Executives - $30,000 (20% of salary @$150k) 

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