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Scout Talent & Indigenous Communities

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Customer Testimonials

Kwakiutl Band Council

“My experience with Scout Talent was very good. We received numerous applications for our job listings. The short-listing and pre-interviews were very helpful in terms of relieving me of my workload. I trusted the expertise of the Scout staff to shortlist according to our job description. We are going to offer positions to a couple of the applicants.”

NiGiNan Housing Ventures

"I appreciate the time and commitment made to keep me on track and up to date on the status of our file. Kerri was relentless (in a kind way) to make sure all the t’s were crossed and I’s were dotted. My position is incredibly demanding and I was short staffed. Kerri understood my dilemma and the demands I was facing and made the process seamless and user friendly. I appreciated the help and the scoring system to shortlist candidates."

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Working With Indigenous Communities

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Scout Talent has built a relationship with Indigenous communities in Canada over the past several years. We have worked with Indigenous groups to hire for a variety of positions and numerous groups within the community use our recruitment software. 

Our team includes a dedicated Indigenous Recruitment Specialist, who has worked to develop an in-depth understanding of the Indigenous communities' unique culture and values. We have successfully hired for a number of difficult to fill positions in a variety of remote areas, and understand the unique nuances associated with hiring within the Indigenous community. 

Scout Talent's relationship with the Indigenous communities of Canada is something our company truly values and looks forward to continuing into the future.  

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